Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita Prediction | J.League | 11/14

Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita prediction – Although Kashiwa Reysol’s performance is not bad, to be able to hope to compete for a place in the top 3 this season, they still need to win more. According to the expert’s assessment, Kashiwa Reysol is a team with not too superior quality, so the gap of 8 points while the season has only 8 rounds to end will be a real challenge for coach Nelsinho’s students

Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita Prediction


  • Match date: 6:00 am on Saturday 14th November 2020
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 27th
  • Location: Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Stadium



  • 10/31/2020 – Kashiwa Reysol 0 – 0 Shimizu S-Pulse (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 10/28/2020 – FC Tokyo 1 – 3 Kashiwa Reysol (H1: 0 – 1)
  • 10/24/2020 – Gamba Osaka 2 – 1 Kashiwa Reysol (H1: 0 – 0)


  • 11/03/2020 – Yokohama FC 2 – 3 Oita Trinita (H1: 2 – 1)
  • 10/31/2020 – Oita Trinita 0 – 0 Urawa Red Diamonds (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 10/18/2020 – Oita Trinita 0 – 1 Gamba Osaka (H1: 0 – 0)


  • 08/23/2020 – Oita Trinita 0 – 0 Kashiwa Reysol (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 08/12/2020 – Kashiwa Reysol 3 – 1 Oita Trinita (H1: 0 – 0)
  • 07/12/2017 – Kashiwa Reysol 2 – 0 Oita Trinita (H1: 0 – 0)




  • Kashiwa Reysol is facing the opportunity to spend all 3 points in this confrontation to continue to improve his relatively poor performance at the moment when this is just an unappreciated opponent. In the last 2 matches of coach Baptista and his students, if the jubilant 3-1 victory on the field of FC Tokyo was supposed to be their very impressive result, the last 0-0 draw was at home against Shimizu S-Pulse is said to be a disappointing result when this is just the team ranked at the bottom of the rankings and has received the most number of defeats today. 
  • Kashiwa Reysol’s recent home performance is not too bright when the last 5 games they won only Vissel Kobe, drew 3 and lost 1.


  • Oita Trinita used to have a period of extremely sublimated competition with winning 5/6 matches from round 15 to round 20, even including formidable opponents like Kashiwa Antlers or FC Tokyo. Since then, their achievements have been very bad when they only won 1, drew 2 and lost 2 in the last 5 matches, of which the rare victory was over the new security Yokohama FC with a score of 3-2. 
  • The recent away record of coach Katanosaka and his students is very good when they won 4, drew 1 and lost only 1 of the last 6 trips as a guest, of which the only defeat was against defending champion Yokohama Marinos, the team did not perform well in this year’s tournament.

In the first leg, although it is not possible to spend all 3 points against this opponent, the draw on the away field also helps Kashiwa Reysol to dominate in this second leg when they play at home. In terms of strength, it is clear that Kashiwa Reysol is also more appreciated when they are 8 points higher than this opponent, a number of points that can be lost in terms of the level of the two teams. Also in this season, Kashiwa Reysol won a convincing 3-1 victory over this opponent at home in a match in the League Cup match. 

So, the Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita prediction thinks that 3 points will be a not too difficult task for the home team in this match.

Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita prediction: Kashiwa Reysol 3 – 1 Oita Trinita (H1: 1 – 0)

Kashiwa Reysol vs Oita Trinita Prediction


  • Kashiwa Reysol: Kim Seoung-Gyu, Tatsuya Yamashita, Takuma Ominami, Taiyo Koga, Naoki Kawaguchi, Masatoshi Mihara, Hayato Nakama, Hidekazu Otani, Christiano Da Silva, Ataru Esaka, Hiroto Goya
  • Oita Trinita: Shun Takagi, Yoshinori Suzuki, Tomoki Iwata, Misao Yuto, Yuji Hoshi, Hasegawa Yushi, Yuta Koide, Toshio Shimakawa, Tatsuya Tanaka, Naoki Nomura, Kohei Isa