Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb Prediction – Veikkausliiga – 06/12

Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb prediction on June 12, 2021. Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb will have a meeting in the 7th round of the Norwegian league. Despite having a rough start when losing 2 matches in a row on the first day of the army, Kristiansund BK quickly regained his position and caught up with the season strongly. They are winning consecutively, thereby helping them to rise to the top of the rankings. With the home advantage that comes with facing a not-so-strong opponent, will Kristiansund BK continue to do well to bring back all 3 points?

Kristiansund BK Overview

A play style that is not too strong, but with certainty in each match, Kristiansund BK has climbed to the top 3 with 12 points, only 1 win from the leading team, and played less than 1. This is probably a very good opportunity to rise up and take this position. 

The failure of the opponent and the good performance of his players Kristiansund BK knocked out the excellent names in the past time to bring themselves 4 consecutive victories. In the next game, they only have to face not so strong opponents, this is perhaps the best opportunity for the team to have a significant achievement.

ODD Ballklubb Overview

With only 1 win in the last 5 matches, ODD Ballklubb is currently ranked 11th with only 5 points, the distance to the top position is very far for them. Therefore, perhaps this year’s tournament will be the time when ODD Ballklubb accumulates more experience and tactics for young players and has a certain number of points to stand in a safe position. This trip will be very difficult for them when they have to be guests on the field of a team that is in very high form.


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Asian Bet – Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb prediction

Having been in extremely good form recently, they beat very strong opponents of the tournament like Bodo/Glimt or Molde, showing that Kristiansund BK will not be bored with anyone at this stage. An overwhelming statistic when playing at home, Kristiansund BK is spending 100% of the win rate, thereby showing that the field advantage, as well as the spirit for the team, is too great. An ODD Ballklubb who is in shaky form and lacks stability is probably very difficult to do anything right.

Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb Prediction: Choose Kristiansund BK 0.5

European Bet

The history of the two confrontations is quite equal on the statistics table when Kristiansund BK owns 1 win, 2 draws, and 2 losses. However, in recent times, the development and improvement of players have helped the team to have a uniform performance and quality. The home field is always the place where they get the most points this season, spending the absolute number of points in the last 4 matches when playing here is the clearest proof. The away team will have no chance to hope for even 1 point.

Choose Kristiansund BK (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb prediction

Although they are at the top of the table, Kristiansund BK does not have a high number of goals, their play is still the same as before, in favor of certainty and taking advantage of the opponent’s opportunities to get a goal. In the context that ODD Ballklubb is also playing not really well, this is probably a lackluster match in terms of scores.

Kristiansund BK vs ODD Ballklubb Prediction: Choose Under 2.75


Kristiansund BK: Aasbak, Diop, Ulvestad, McDermott, Sormo, Ulvestad, Psyche, Bye, Kalludra, Hoven, Gjertsen.

Odd Grenland: Grogaard, Jenssen, Haugen, Opdal, Teniste, Wormgoor, Kristiansen, Ordagić, Barmen, Karadas, Sørensen.