Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction |29/07/2020|Tippeligaen Norway

The reviews to the football Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord prediction in Tippeligaen of Norway about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction


  • Match date: 4:00 pm on Wednesday 29th July 2020
  • Event: Eliteserien
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Kristiansund Stadion


Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction


Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction recommendation:

O/U Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction: 

  • Last year, the team competed for a place in the European Cup until the final rounds and were short of breath at the last minute, making it sixth. This year, the gap between them and the top 3 is only 4 points. To be able to have a breakthrough on the chart in the coming time, Kristiansund certainly needs a victory to quench the thirst for 3-point lasting in the past.
  • Kristiansund will return to his home ground to host Sandefjord’s visitors in the 11th round of the Norwegian league this year. Sandefjord is one of three rookies of Norway’s No. 1 tournament this year when it was runner-up last year. Like the other 2 rookies, this team is facing a lot of difficulties during the first part of the season. With the third-worst defense in the tournament of the away team: 16 goals, the next 90 minutes promises to be a rain of goals.

The best  Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction:   

  • OVER 1 (H1)
  • OVER 2 3/4 (Full Time)

Asian Handicap Prediction: 

  • The last 5 encounters between the two teams, Kristiansund won 3, drew 1 and lost only 1 to the Sandefjord. All of those matches ended with unbeaten results for the home team players. This means that Kristiansund has won the last 3 times to receive the Sandefjord.
  • Despite the problems with the draws, the recent performance of Kristiansund is much more impressive than his opponent. Receiving the Sandefjord is probably a milestone for them to have their first victory after a long time.

Best  Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction:   

  • Sandefjord +1/2 (HT)
  • Kristiansund BK -1 Full Time

European odds Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord Prediction: 

  • Although Kristiansund BK is more appreciated, it is clear that looking at the performance that this team has shown over the past time, there are reasons for the betting industry to be skeptical. However, there is still a basis for players to place a door for Kristiansund BK because Sandefjord has lost in the last 4 away games, and every match they have conceded at least 2 goals.
  • Select Kristiansund BK (Full Time)

Although the Sandefjord has lost 6/7 matches recently, they will not easily accept the loss. Therefore, it is possible that Kristiansund BK will have trouble in the early game while the visitors are still focused.

Predict the match score for Kristiansund BK vs Sandefjord

  •  Kristiansund BK 1-1 Sandefjord H1
  •  Kristiansund BK 3-1 Sandefjord FullTime