Las Palmas vs CD Lugo Prediction – La Liga 2 – 04/02/2021

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo prediction on April 02, 2021. Both Las Palmas and CD Lugo have expressed their ambition to compete for a playoff this season. With the 12th and 15th positions, the two teams are very thirsty when there are only 11 rounds remaining in the season. In this 32nd match, they met on the field of Las Palmas in an attempt to improve their position. Both sides are aiming to win, promising an exciting match.

Las Palmas Overview

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo Prediction

At the moment, Las Palmas is trying extremely hard to get out of the lower half and rise to the upper half of the rankings. After 31 matches played, they are temporarily in 12th place with 40 points gained, only 1 point behind Tenerife’s 10th place team. In the next round, Las Palmas will also have a great chance to break through when receiving CD Lugo at home.

In terms of performance, the difference between the two opponents is almost nonexistent. In the last 5 rounds of the Segunda Division, the home team had to receive 2 defeats, to draw 2 matches and only get 1 victory.

CD Lugo Overview

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo Prediction

The away team at this time is on a steep decline. CD Lugo is currently at the 15th place with 36 points gained after 31 rounds. This will be a favorable position for the Estadio de Gran Canaria home team to gain points when all advantages are in their hands.

Not much better, the away team did not even know the taste of victory during 9 consecutive rounds. In the last 5 matches, CD Lugo has lost 2 matches and only got a draw in the remaining 3 matches.

However, playing at home will also be an undeniable advantage that Las Palmas has against the opponent. Therefore, the home team will still be more appreciated and will have to accept the table in both matches.

Asian Bet – Las Palmas vs CD Lugo prediction

The head-to-head record is quite balanced, the last 10 matches each side brings in 4 wins. Home advantage is the difference when Las Palmas has welcomed the opponents 15 times this season 8 times to enjoy the full joy. Especially when Lugo lost 8/15 away matches, confidence is what Las Palmas has redundant.

Lugo’s performance is alarming after 9 consecutive matches, with only a draw, and loss. Including the defeat against Sabadell in the bottom group, very poor performance. The other side of Las Palmas is showing their determination to compete for the play-off position with 3/4 rounds unbeaten, winning 1 match and holding Vallecano in the leading group.

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo prediction: Choose Las Palmas -0.25

European Bet – Las Palmas vs CD Lugo prediction

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo Prediction

The European handicap shows that the home team is highly likely to win. Solid fulcrum and strength are assessed slightly more, 3 points is a goal not too close to Las Palmas. Lugo is hard to surprise when looking at the weak mentality of the away field.

Choose Las Palmas (FT)

Over/Under Bet

Both are aiming for 3 points while the defense is not sure. The open game has been predicted, along with the quality of public goods, the selection of talent is a bright spot. 8/10 times of the last confrontation in this match with 2 or more goals.

Las Palmas vs CD Lugo prediction: Choose Over