Leeds United vs Chelsea Prediction – English Premier League

Leeds United vs Chelsea prediction on March 13, 2021. With 11 consecutive unbeaten inventory under Tuchel, Chelsea marched to Leeds United’s field in the 29th round. The Blue has a chance to prolong the winning streak, thereby building a solid position in the top 4.

Leeds United Overview

Leeds United vs Chelsea Prediction

After an impressive start, Leeds United’s stamina-consuming playstyle left them out of breath. The last 5 matches only had 1 victory over Southampton, in the remaining 4 games coach Bielsa and the team were all empty-handed. The defense is clearly unstable while the performance of the strikers is very alarming, fusing the last 3/4 of the game.

The ability to take advantage of the weak opportunity is a problem that makes them often fall at a disadvantage, even at home Leeds also lost the last 3/5 matches, including the 0-1 stalemate defeat against Brighton. As Leeds United vs Chelsea prediction, 1 point does not seem to be a simple target.

Chelsea Overview

Leeds United vs Chelsea Prediction

11 consecutive unbeaten matches including 8 wins and 9 clean sheets are the achievement of The Blue after Tuchel took over. It can be said that Chelsea has completely transformed from philosophy to the competition, succeeded beyond imagination with a short period of time.

In the last sublimation series, they defeated both Atletico Madrid and Liverpool with a score of 1-0, 5/8 victory with the minimum difference. The organizational ability and discipline of the German are clearly shown, Chelsea is also very pragmatic in defending achievements. With very stable performance and squad quality, the scenario 1 win just enough is easy to repeat against Leeds.

Asian Bet – Leeds United vs Chelsea prediction

With their level, Chelsea is still a team that is more appreciated than Leeds United in this match through the contract listed on the Asian exchange of 0.75. This is a reasonable basis when it is clear that the poor performance in the past time can hardly help Leeds United to play fair with Chelsea at the moment.

The Blues in the hands of Thomas Tuchel played a lot more bravely, the routes became more synchronized along with the more variety of attack pieces that made the London representative extremely unpredictable. It will be especially dangerous for Leeds United, especially when coach Marcelo Bielsa has never had a reliable name in the area above the home team’s goal. 

In addition, it should be known that Chelsea under the reign of the German coach has also improved a lot in their ability to play on a strange surface when they were unbeaten in all 6 matches having to march away from the nearest home.

The number is enough weight to make Leeds United worry, especially when they have only won 4 wins in 12 matches played at the home last time. The difference in terms of personnel and spirit will make it difficult for Leeds United to withstand the pressure that Chelsea will certainly create for them and the prospect of another defeat at home is appearing in front of the team by coach Marcelo Bielsa.

  • Choose Chelsea -0.25 HT
  • Choose Chelsea -0.75 FT

European Bet – Leeds United vs Chelsea prediction

The European handicap is also a great advantage for the away team when Chelsea’s win rate is 1.76 while Leeds United’s win rate is 4.65. In general, being overwhelming in terms of formation and performance will create a very good psychological momentum for Chelsea to fully master the upcoming match. It will be a matchup where Chelsea is expected to be able to easily get 3 points against Leeds United and open their advantage.

  • Choose Chelsea HT
  • Choose Chelsea FT

Over/Under Bet

Victory over Everton marked the 12th consecutive unbeaten match in all competitions that Chelsea has had since Thomas Tuchel took the hot seat of the club. The Blues have strongly transformed both in play and spirit, and that is reflected in the fact that they are quickly in the top 4 at the moment. A Chelsea that is gradually shaking off the pressure will surely go far in the remaining time if they keep their focus.

Meanwhile, with Leeds United, defeat West Ham was the 4th match in the last 5 rounds that The White had to receive. The home team is still struggling to find their way back to the top half of the standings after they have missed quite a few of their opportunities after a series of poor achievements and it is clear that they are having too many problems.

As Leeds United vs Chelsea prediction, it will be difficult for Leeds United can play fair with Chelsea in the next game. A matchup where London’s representatives will continue to be the team that takes the initiative and can fully navigate a scenario with explosive goals.

  • Choose Over 1 HT
  • Choose Over 2.75 FT