Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction – Champions League – 08/10

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction on August 10, 2021. Ludogorets played at home in the second leg of the Champions League qualifying round 2021/22, and in the first leg, they excellently drew Olympiakos Piraeus away with a score of 1-1. With a huge advantage from that, their top goal in this match is to win.

Ludogorets Overview

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction

Ludogorets, a representative from Bulgaria, had a pretty successful season when defending the throne in the domestic league. But when it comes to major international tournaments on the continent, they still haven’t proved much. Especially in the previous season, Ludogorets finished the Europa League group stage at the bottom of Group J without being able to bring themselves to 1 point of honor.

Olympiakos Piraeus Overview

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction

Olympiakos Piraeus is being highly appreciated in the Greek league when they have defended the gold cup and won the tournament very early. But in the international arena, the team is showing a decline compared to other teams. In recent years they have no longer participated in the Europa League group stage. And in this knockout match, Olympiakos Piraeus will have a trip that is expected to face many difficulties to the land of roses in this second leg.

Past Encounters

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Asian Bet – Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction

Last season Ludogorets also only reached the Europa League group stage after a difficult preliminary campaign. However, the representative from Bulgaria that year also did not have any points. 

Having to compete in both the domestic tournament and the C1 preliminary round, the fitness of the home team at Huvepharma Arena was significantly affected. Having a draw in the first leg was a big success for Ludogorets. However, before an extremely old Olympiakos in Europe’s No. 1 arena, the chance for Ludogorets to continue is not high.

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction

  • Choose Ludogorets + 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Olympiakos Piraeus – 0.25 (FT)

European Bet

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction

Last season Olympiacos reached the official group stage of the Champions League and finished in 3rd place overall. In terms of squad quality or battle experience, Olympiakos proved superior. With the importance of a survival match like this, the representative from Greece will know how to overcome the home team and move on to the next round.

Choose Olympiakos Piraeus (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction

In the last 3 matches, Olympiakos all scored more than 1 goal. Obviously, the attack of the home team Georgios Karaiskakis is having a lot of problems in this year’s Champions League qualifying round.

With a draw with an away score, Ludogorets only need to not concede a goal to win the next ticket. Of course, Ludogorets will accept to play dead during the whole match and can keep their net clean. This promises to be a big challenge for Olympiakos. In 2 confrontations with Ludogorets, the representative of Greek football-only scored 2 goals.

Ludogorets vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction:

  • Choose Under 1.0 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.25 (FT)


Ludogorets: Kahlina; Cauly, Goncalves, Santana; Ikoko, Plastun, Verdon, Nedyalkov; Despodov, Sotiriou, Tekpetey.

Olympiakos Piraeus: Tzkolakis; Valbuena, Sourlis, Malong, Masouras; Lala, Semedo, Markovic, Ba, Cisse; Koka.