Lyon vs Angers Prediction – Ligue 1 – 04/12

Lyon vs Angers prediction on April 12, 2021. Lyon vs Angers will have a meeting in the 32nd round of the French National Championship. Recently impressive series of achievements are helping Angers to improve very well in terms of scores on the standings, even though they have not had a very good start. Whether on this trip they will continue that momentum to bring a favorable result or not when the opponent is a huge counterweight in this tournament.

Lyon Overview

Lyon vs Angers Prediction

A performance, though not too strong, with certainty in each match, Lyon has climbed to the top 4 with 61 points and is only 1 win from PSG to climb to the top 2. With the bad performance of their opponents and how good of their players, Lyon knocked out excellent names. They will probably end the season in a rather high position and potentially get the ticket to the Champions League.

In the next game, they only have to face opponents who are not too strong, this is probably the best chance for the team to have a significant record.

Angers Overview

Lyon vs Angers Prediction

On the other trip, despite having 3 unbeaten matches with 2 draws and 1 win in recent times, Angers is currently ranked 11th with only 41 points, the distance to the top position is very far away from them. Therefore, perhaps this year’s tournament will be the time when Angers accumulate more experience and tactics for young players and have a certain number of points to stand in a safe position. This trip will be very difficult for them when they have to be the away team on the football team in very high form.

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Lyon vs Angers Prediction

Asian Bet – Lyon vs Angers prediction

Being in form when having 2 wins and 2 draws and only lost 1 in the last 5 matches shows that Lyon will not be bored with any opponents at the current stage. An overwhelming statistic when playing at home Lyon is losing only 1 match, thereby it can be seen that the advantage of the field, as well as the spirit for the team, is too great. Although the away team has a pretty good mentality, with unbalanced performance and the difference is quite large, so the ability of them to do it is impossible.

Lyon vs Angers prediction: Choose Lyon 1.25

European Bet

Lyon vs Angers Prediction

The confrontation history is somewhat overwhelming for the home team when they have won 4 draws 1 in the last 5 meetings. At the same time in the recent period, the development and improvement of the players will help the team to have fairly equal performance and quality.

The home field is always the place where they get the most points the season, taking the absolute score in the last 6 matches when playing here is the best evidence. The away team will have no chance to hope even if it’s just 1 point.

Choose Lyon (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Lyon vs Angers prediction

Although they are at the top of the chart, Lyon does not have a very high number of goals, their play is still the same as before, favoring the certainty and taking advantage of the opponent’s chances to get a goal. In the context that Angers is also playing relatively well, this is probably a tight and safe match from both.

Lyon vs Angers prediction: Choose Under 2.75


Lyon: Aouar, Mendes, Lucas, Lopes, Rafael, Denayer, Andersen, Dubois, Depay, Dembele, Traoré.

Angers: Santamaria, Capelle, R-Adelaide, Butelle, Manceau, Pavlovic, Thomas, Ait-Nouri, Mangani, P.Lage, Alioui.