Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/22

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag prediction – Ranked 10th in the Israeli Premier League, Maccabi Tel Aviv is showing weakness in their playstyle. On the Qarabag side, this team is leading the Azerbaijan Premier League. This contrast makes the two teams more determined to win in the next round of C2.

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Bloomfield




  • Considering the last 5 matches, Maccabi Tel Aviv’s performance is not good. Specifically, Maccabi Tel Aviv only owns exactly 1 win. The corresponding win rate is only 20%. In contrast, Maccabi Tel Aviv drew 1 and lost 3 matches.
  • In the opposite direction, Qarabag also showed a weakness with the last 5 matches. The number of defeats that Qarabag must receive is 2. Besides, Qarabag has 2 more draws and only wins 1 time, t was a 3-0 win over Legia.
  • The Asian odds bookie sets for the match between Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag to be 0: 1/2. Maccabi Tel Aviv is determined to be the team on the upper side, accepting 0.5 goals. If the player places money on Maccabi Tel Aviv, they will win the match when this team wins. Maccabi Tel Aviv has a payout rate of 1.9 and Qarabag at 1.93.

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag prediction: Qarabag 0:1/2


  • Looking at the last 5 matches of Maccabi Tel Aviv, 9 is the total number of goals this team has received. The corresponding conceding performance is up to 1.8 goals/game. Meanwhile, the attackers played with 6 goals. There were 4 Over games when the match was 2.25.
  • Looking at the last 5 matches Qarabag has played, the attack is acceptable, 6 is also the number of Goals Qarabag got. The corresponding goal performance is 1.2 goals/game. In contrast, the defense conceded 0.8 goals / match. There were 3 Over matches when the match was 2.25.
  • The bookie gives the odds of the upcoming match is 2.25. Players who bet on the Handicap will win when two teams score 3 or more in total. The payout rate for Over is set at 1.96, and Under is 1.83.
  • Select: Under 2.25

Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag prediction:

  • Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag: 1 – 1 (H1: 0 -0)
Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag Prediction


  • Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag has never had a direct confrontation. Entering the next match, Maccabi Tel Aviv is not receiving high praise for their poor performance. However, the home team does not accept the empty result. According to experts, the winning rate of Maccabi Tel Aviv vs Qarabag is 38% – 29%.
  • The European odds that the dealer assigns to the match between Maccabi Tel Aviv and Qarabag is 1.86, 3.4 and 4.0. The result of Maccabi Tel Aviv’s win and loss will correspond to the 3 above odds.
  • Select: Draw FT


  • Maccabi Tel Aviv: Daniel, Eitan Tibi, Sheran Yeini, Dan Leon Glazer, Nick Blackman, Dan Biton, Avi Rikan, Ben Biton, Eylon Almog, Ofir Dodazda, Jonathon Cohen
  • Qarabag: Emil Nazim Balayev, Jaime Romero, Owusu Kwabena, Zamiq Aliyev, Musa Qurbanly, Ruslan Hajiyev, Rauf Huseynli, Musa Qurbanli, Toral Bayramov, Kevin Medina, Elvin Cafarquliyev