Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach Prediction | Bundesliga | 10/24

Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach prediction – Borussia M’gladbach is still unable to achieve stability at the start of the new season. Going to round 5, they will have a chance to find 3 points when the opponent is just Mainz 05. The home team is playing very badly and is at the last position on the rankings.

Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach Prediction


  • Match date: 1:30 pm on Saturday 24th October 2020
  • Event: Bundesliga
  • Stage: Matchday 5th
  • Location: Opel Arena






  • Mainz 05 has been playing very badly at home this time. The evidence is that in the last 4 matches, this team has all lost. Currently, Mainz 05 is of course the team with the worst home-field record in the Bundesliga. They don’t have any scores yet and have a -4.
  • On the other side of the line, Borussia M’gladbach was playing very well on the away field with 5 wins in the last 6 appearances, along with 1 defeat. In the Bundesliga, this team has won 3 points after 2 matches and has a 10th place record in the tournament.
  • Recently, Mainz 05 had to receive a 0-1 defeat in the reception of Bayer Leverkusen at home. This match belongs to the Bundesliga 4th round. On the other side of the line, Borussia M’gladbach had a 3-1 victory in the Cologne field.
  • The house offers the odds for this match is 0: 3/4. Mainz 05’s odds are 2.07, Borussia M’gladbach is 1.80. If Borussia M’gladbach is the winner with a difference of 2 goals or more, the player bets on will win. If the difference is 1 goal, the player wins half of the amount. In the event Mainz 05 has points, the player loses the bet.

Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach prediction: Select Borussia M’gladbach


  • Mainz’s poor performance was shown in great detail through the indicators. Only 4 rounds have passed, Mainz’s defense conceded 12 times – receiving up to 3 goals per match. While attackers are not excellent because they have only created 2 goals.
  • Considering the last 5 matches of M’gladbach, the total number of goals scored by the players is 8. Corresponding to a scoring performance of 1.6 goals/game. In terms of defense, the number of goals they lose in a match is 1.2.
  • Mainz 05 and Borussia M’gladbach had a total of 13 goals in the previous 5 competitions, averaging 2.6 goals per game. Among them, there are 11 goals scored by the away team players. On the side of Mainz 05, they only got only 2 goals.
  • The Odds of the match are determined by the bookie is 3. If the match has 4 goals, Over will win. Under wins when there are 2 goals or less. The odds for Over and Under are 1.90-1.80.

Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach prediction: Over 3

Mainz 05 vs Borussia M’gladbach Prediction


  • There have been a total of 37 competitions between Mainz 05 and Borussia M’gladbach over the past 21 years. The home team Borussia Park has won 16 victories. Mainz 05’s record is 11 wins and 10 defeats. In the last season, Borussia M’gladbach got all 6 points after 2 matches against Mainz 05.
  • 4.80 * 4.00 * 1.62 is the odds that the European odds offers in this match. If Mainz 05 wins, the player who bets this result will win at the 4.80 odds rate. The same goes for the home team’s draw and loss results.
  • Select: Borussia M’gladbach FT