Mallorca vs Leganes Prediction – La Liga 2 – 04/02/2021

Mallorca vs Leganes prediction on April 02, 2021. Mallorca and Leganes are the teams that are performing very well in the past and they will have a confrontation this weekend in the Spanish second division.

The match is seen as an opportunity for both the home and away team to find the necessary scores to improve the current ranking in the standings, whether home advantage helps Mallorca have a good game and keep 3 full points or there will be a surprise from the away Leganes players and victory will belong to them in this confrontation.

Mallorca Overview

Mallorca vs Leganes Prediction

In the framework of the 30th second round of Spain recently, Mallorca has experienced an impressive 90 minutes as a team with better control of the ball, but they only managed to find 1 point after finishing the match with a goalless draw against Real Oviedo at home. However, the home team is still showing stability because they have brought back 3 victories over the last 5 rounds, remaining 1 draw, and only lost 1 match.

Through what has been shown, both these teams are competing fiercely on the rankings when they are together in the top 4 and Mallorca is 7 points ahead of the opponent while there is still 1 match still not kicked. The last time these two teams met was in the first leg this year when even holding the advantage of the field, Leganes had a disadvantage in personnel, so they had to receive a minimum defeat in the trip to Mallorca’s home field.

Leganes Overview

Mallorca vs Leganes Prediction

In the last 31st round of the 2nd Spain, Leganes also only earned 1 point against Almeria on away field with a 1-1 draw, but this result for them was lucky because Leganes performance is completely inferior to the opponent. If you look at the previous team’s performance, you will see the instability when they have lost 2 of the previous 5 rounds, the rest only bring 1 win and 2 draws. It is this instability that has caused the visitors to not be appreciated in the following match.

Asian Bet – Mallorca vs Leganes prediction

Despite having to welcome a very strong opponent and being in the top 4 of the standings, with the sublimation of performance along with the superiority, Mallorca is still a team that is much more appreciated than the other player in this match. Entering confidently and creating a great deal of pressure on the away team from home advantage, deploying an effective stance, and finding important goals from clear dangerous opportunities will help the Majorca players win this welcome.

Mallorca vs Leganes prediction:

  • Choose Mallorca -0.25 HT
  • Choose Mallorca -0.25 FT

European Bet – Mallorca vs Leganes prediction

Mallorca vs Leganes Prediction

A game of crucial importance for Mallorca as they are getting the same score as the current first-place team and three points at the moment will help the home team rise to the top. At the same time, it greatly increases the confidence of the players to help them get better performances in the next matches.

Although not an easy game, Mallorca still has a good chance of achieving their goals, playing flourish, and making the most of their chances to transform into precious goals. Believe that the victory will still belong to the players of the home team in this match.

  • Choose Mallorca HT
  • Choose Mallorca FT

Over/Under Bet

With both teams being extremely good at the past time, it is not too difficult to explain when they both want to choose high-speed play instead of giving up control of the ball. enemy. Creating such an effective stance will give both the home and away players a significant boost of confidence as well as the chance to find early goals to take the lead from dangerous opportunities markedly dangerous. It promises to be a match with many goals appear.

Mallorca vs Leganes prediction:

  • Choose Over 0.75 HT
  • Choose Over 2.00 FT