Mallorca vs Zaragoza Prediction – LaLiga 2 – 05/25

Mallorca vs Zaragoza prediction on May 25, 2021. Along with Espanyol, Mallorca will be the owner of the remaining ticket directly to play in La Liga next season. A special feature in these two top teams is that they were relegated together last season and are now holding hands to promote.

Mallorca Overview

Currently, Mallorca is ranked 2nd and 3 points behind the top team Espanyol while the season has only 2 rounds left. Waiting for the opponent to stumble, Mallorca will be able to win the LaLiga 2 this year.

The current series of Mallorca players are still very good when they are unbeaten in the last 4 rounds, including 3 victories. The new home ground is the place where Mallorca shows its true strength when the team has won the last 6/7 home matches.

Zaragoza Overview

Zaragoza is a great will this season when the team used to have 10 rounds in the relegation group. But now, Zaragoza has climbed to 10th place and has certainly succeeded in relegation. However, coach Fernandez Braulio and his team are often not appreciated in the marches when the team won only 3/20 away matches from the beginning of the season.

Zaragoza no longer maintains their strength this season. After 40 rounds, they won 13, drew 11, and lost 16 matches. With 50 points in hand, they are only 10th in the rankings. Having been 14 points behind the top 6, Zaragoza has run out of opportunities to compete for a promotion spot for next season.


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Asian Bet – Mallorca vs Zaragoza prediction

Zaragoza is having quite impressive performances at the end of this season. In the last 2 rounds in a row, Zaragoza has won. The away team is also on a 5 match unbeaten streak. More broadly in the last 11 matches, Zaragoza also lost only 1 match and they are a name that is very difficult to beat at the moment. As for Mallorca, they were no longer motivated when they were sure to have a promotion ticket. 

With a lack of determination, Mallorca will find it difficult to overwhelm Zaragoza in this match. In the first leg of the two teams, Mallorca also had many difficulties against Zaragoza and they had to accept a 0-goal draw. In a time when Zaragoza is in very high form, Mallorca may have another lackluster match and Zaragoza bet will be the choice for this match.

Mallorca vs Zaragoza Prediction: Choose Real Zaragoza

European Bet

Mallorca will be a slightly better bet than Zaragoza in this match when they have the home-field advantage. However, this is a match that Mallorca will not easily win when Zaragoza is in very high form. Mallorca themselves have no goals and they can completely accept a draw in this match.

Choose Draw (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Mallorca vs Zaragoza prediction

In the last 2 rounds, Real Zaragoza scored 5 goals. This is when Zaragoza is showing impressive form and they are attacking very effectively. Mallorca is no longer a target at this point and they will probably give the audience a very open match. With this matchup, the big bet box will be a good choice.

Mallorca vs Zaragoza Prediction: Choose Over


Mallorca: Febas, Inigo, Parera, Sastre, Russo, Sedlear, Cufre, Baba, Mboula, Trajkovski, Mollejo.

Zaragoza: Tejero, Eguaras, Zapater, Alvarez, Nieto, Peybernes, Frances, Narvaez, Serranc, Sergio, Azon.