Man City vs Real Madrid Result 2-1: Varane, Guardiola’s mistakes

The costly mistakes of Raphael Varane, Pep Guardiola failed with the virtual No. 9 strategy and the carefulness of the two coaches are the notable highlights of the return leg of the 1/8 round between Man City vs Real Madrid Result.

Man City vs Real Madrid Result

Man City vs Real Madrid Result Highlights

* Man City 2-1 Real Madrid (4-2 final)

* Juventus 2-1 Lyon (2-2 final)

2:00 August 9, 2020 Bayern Munich vs Chelsea (3-0)

2:00 August 9, 2020 Barcelona vs Napoli (1-1)

In the end, Man City beat Real Madrid 2-1 in the second leg of the 1/8 Champions League round. The total score after two matches is 4-2 in favor of the British representative.

With home advantage, Man City did not hesitate to push up the squad from the first minutes of the match. Pep Guardiola’s team unexpectedly received a gift from midfielder Raphael Varane in the 9th minute of the match. From an indifferent and slow process of handling the ball of the French player, Gabriel Jesus quickly stole the ball and stretched for teammate Raheem Sterling inside. At this time, the job of the English striker is just to cushion the ball in the empty net because goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had previously had to rush to close the corner, correct Varane but failed.

Match information Man City vs Real Madrid Result:

+ Man City : Cancelo, Ederson, Walker, Laporte, Fernandinho, Rodrigo (Otamendi 89 ‘), De Bruyne, Gundogan, Foden (Bernardo Silva 67’), Sterling (David Silva 81 ‘), Jesus

Goals: Sterling (09 ‘), Jesus (68’)

+ Real Madrid : Courtois, Carvajal (Vazquez 83 ‘),Varane, Militao, F.Mendy, Casemiro, Modric (Valverde 83′), Kroos, Hazard (Jović 83’), Rodrygo (Asensio 61 ‘), Benzema

Goal: Benzema (28 ‘)

Teams that have reached the quarterfinals:

  1. PSG 3-2 (total score) Borussia Dortmund
  2. Leipzig 4-0 Tottenham
  3. Valencia 4-8 Atalanta
  4. Liverpool 2-4 Atletico Madrid

“Black hole” Varane in this Man City vs Real Madrid Result

Before the match, Real Madrid’s most immediate worry was the midfielder. However, the suspect name is Militao, not Raphael Varane. To be fair, Militao had a normal day of play. In some situations he still leaves Phil Foden or Raheem Sterling. However, the Brazilian midfielder did not make any mistakes that led to Real Madrid’s goal.

Raphael Varane is the one who made a direct mistake not only by one but both goals. Both of the French midfielder’s mistakes are often seen in low-level tournaments, in players with low qualifications. As the 2018 World Champion, a four-time Champions League champion, what Varane does is unacceptable.

Varane (in the middle) leaves Real Madrid in pain - Man City vs Real Madrid Result Man City vs Real Madrid Result
Varane (in the middle) leaves Real Madrid in pain – Man City vs Real Madrid Result

Great expectations are angered with Varane even more. Varane should have been the bearer and support for Militao and the whole team on the day captain Sergio Ramos was absent. Instead, he played the role of a criminal.

The mistake of Pep Guardiola

Like the first leg, Pep Guardiola arranged a central midfielder playing the virtual number 9 role. In the previous match, he let Kevin De Bruyne do this task, and in the second leg, Phil Foden was the one chosen.

Photo captionFoden (blue shirt) is not effective 

Starting with the line-up of Jesus – Sterling – Foden are the three highest players in attack. Thought Jesus would be the kicker, but in fact, he and Sterling played in two more sides. In the midfield, Foden moves freely up and down like a virtual 9. This has created enormous pressure on the defense of Real Madrid in the first minutes. Varane’s mistake in the first goal was the inevitable result of City’s implementation of this squad.

However, as he caught up with the game, Real Madrid was able to deploy the ball easily. Foden’s influence seemed to be lost. Man City can say he missed the opportunity to gain more advantage after the opening goal and let Los Blancos return to the match.

In the second half, Pep Guardiola still let Foden play the virtual No. 9 role, but Jesus was now pulled in closer. The effect of this change is not really clear yet.

Jesus' goal came from personal mistakes, not tactical effectiveness in this matchup Man City vs Real Madrid Result
Jesus’ goal came from personal mistakes, not tactical effectiveness in this matchup Man City vs Real Madrid Result

Care of Pep and Zidane

Normally, the wing defenders of Real Madrid and Man City rise very high, sticking close to the edge to stretch the opponent’s squad. The wings will be the first choice to pull the ball, creating space before returning the ball to the midfield assistants.

In the past match, there was only one situation where Kyle Walker dribbled as usual in the first half, the rest, all did not rise as often as before. Ferland Mendy and Carvajal did not venture high while Joao Cancelo stuck to the home side.

The full-backs were not as high as usual