Marseille vs Dijon Prediction – Ligue 1 – 04/05

Marseille vs Dijon prediction on April 03, 2021. Marseille vs Dijon will have a meeting with each other in the 31st round of the French National Championship. As a team that does not own a high-quality Marseille, although their achievements are also considered acceptable, the number of goals they bring is quite small. With this home advantage, will they have a positive chance towards a win and go further in this year’s tournament?

Marseille Overview

Marseille vs Dijon Prediction

Marseille is going through a season with many changes. The Portuguese strategist Villas Boas unexpectedly terminated the contract due to a conflict with the leadership that made the whole team become like a “headless snake”. Coach N. Largest came to power is not appreciated for talent. Even the new captain also needs more time to make a tactical mark.

That is why the performance of the home team Velodrome is also clearly declining compared to the beginning of the season. In the previous round, Marseille just lost the 0-3 match on Nice’s field. So in the last 6 matches in the Ligue 1, Marseille also won only 2, drew 2, and lost 2 matches. Their performance is not high if they want to compete with the top group.

Dijon Overview

Marseille vs Dijon Prediction

Dijon is facing a gloomy future. This team has all lost in the last 6 rounds in the Ligue 1. The performance of the visitors at the moment was extremely lousy.

After 30 matches played in the French National Championship, Dijon only had 2 victories but lost 19 matches. The home team has only 15 points at this time, still standing at the bottom of the rankings at 20th place. In the context of bad play and has given up waiting for the relegation date, Dijon is expected to lose 2 separate goals against Marseille.

Past Encounters

Marseille vs Dijon Prediction

Last Matches

Asian Bet – Marseille vs Dijon prediction

Marseille’s home advantage in this match is quite large when their opponents have a very bad performance away from home this season. On the other hand, Marseille still has a much stronger strength than Dijon. Not to mention, although they are not in high form, they have been able to try and win in the last match, while Dijon is still playing miserably and continuously losing to most opponents. have to deal with them in the past.

Marseille vs Dijon prediction: Choose Marseille 1

European Bet

Marseille vs Dijon Prediction

The confrontation record is still temporarily in favor of Marseille. And with analysis of class, playstyle shows that the home team is clearly outperforming the away team. Rankings and a series of consecutive defeats prove that Dijon is facing many problems and instability in the lines of the team. Therefore, the ability to win Marseille in this match is very high, choosing Marseille for the European match is a reasonable choice.

Choose Marseille (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Marseille vs Dijon prediction

In the first leg, the two teams meet and leave with a 0 – 0 draw, and this so important match will also make the two of them more cautious and wary of their opponents. The slow and steady game will be used by both coaches.

Marseille vs Dijon prediction: Choose Under 2.75