Michael Ballack Chelsea: The biggest torment in life

As one of the world football legends, former midfielder Michael Ballack regrets his career, especially in the Michael Ballack Chelsea shirt.

Michael Ballack Chelsea
Michael Ballack Chelsea

Ballack regrets talking about the Blues

As a member of the 2008 Champions League runners-up and 2010 Premier League championship with Chelsea, Michael Ballack is one of the most beloved players. He left the London club in the summer of 2010 after he disagreed with the Board of Directors on the contract term.

Sharing about this, the former German midfielder said: “At that time, Carlo Ancelotti wanted me to stay, but the club’s decision was to only extend the first year with old players. I want at least a 2-year contract.

Michael Ballack’s unforgettable moment in Moscow in 2008 with Chelsea

Now, I can say that’s a big mistake. I should stay at Chelsea, even if it’s only for a year. I did not imagine I would return to Bayer Leverkusen. Until the very last day, I was concerned that we should have found a solution at Chelsea then. I want to stay in the Blues until the end of my career. “

In four years with Chelsea, midfielder Michael Ballack has won 1 Premier League, 2 FA Cups, 1 League Cup, and 1 British Super Cup. Along with Frank Lampard, Chelsea at that time owned the best midfield in the world and made rivals wary.

Ballack: “That’s the thing I regret most at Chelsea”

Michael Ballack Chelsea shirt has had a relatively successful Chelsea career. In a period of 4 years (2006-2010), Ballack has truly become the mainstay of the Stamford Bridge stadium with impressive performances.

Along with the Blues, Ballack won the Premier League, FA Cup, and League Cup, as well as reached the UEFA Champions League final. However, Ballack still has regrets thinking about Chelsea.

Michael Ballack Chelsea: Points out the regret
Michael Ballack Chelsea: Points out the regret

Specifically, Ballack shared on Sky Sports: “Carlo Ancelotti wants me to stay, but the club’s policy is only to sign a one-year contract with a player over 30, I want to stick for two more years.

At 33, it’s better if you have 2 years of the contract, then planning becomes easier. Today, I can say, maybe it was the wrong decision. I should stay, even for that one year, to accept and see how things go. 

That was never really a plan. I cannot imagine going back to Bayer Leverkusen. Until the last day, I really thought we would find a way to stay at Chelsea.

You know, that looks like a game of poker. I was really hoping I could stay at Chelsea until the very last minute. “