Michael Ballack wife ‘molting’ spectacularly and Current Girlfriend

Having a new lover, ex Michael Ballack wife – Simone from a simple discreet woman to a stylish, fashionable lady. No longer having to keep a new relationship secret, former German army captain Michael Ballack officially announced his new girlfriend, Natacha Tannous, after about half years of dating.

Michael Ballack wife ‘molting’ spectacularly 

On September 20, Simone wore a prominent red dress and light makeup to attend the  Laureus Sport for Good Night event in Munich, Germany.
A noble-looking mother-of-three poses with Lilly, the beloved wife of former world number one player Boris Becker.
Ex Michael Ballack wife also participates in a dance show on television, dressed in sexy clothes showing off a neat and admirable body even though she is the mother of three boys.
Ex Michael Ballack wife also appears at fashion events, media … more with a stylish, trendy style. Loved each other for 10 years and then got married in 2008, the former German captain and Simone are one of the couples who are praised for their fidelity and love. However, only 4 years after the wedding, the two of them walked away in everyone’s regret and surprise.

Beautiful and powerful girlfriend

Ballack used to have a Michael Ballack wife. Simone Lambe, who has been with Ballack for 13 years, has given the player three children. Louis (2001), Emilio (2002) and Jordi (2005). Having been together since childhood, when Ballack was a normal player, and Simone was a waitress in East Germany. Their marriage is very little turbulent when Ballack is very serious about love, despite many girls fans who are both talented and handsome for the German national team. Meanwhile, Simone is the woman of the family, always wholeheartedly taking care of her husband and children.

Michael Ballack wife currently
Michael Ballack wife currently 

The relationship between them only cracked when Ballack’s career began to decline in 2011. He is more difficult, more strict, and does not receive his wife’s sympathy. Simone decided to separate, and then the two went to court for a divorce in 2012.

Ending his family life in disappointment and feeling of failure, Ballack gets involved in a few gossip rumors with some long legs, but no one officially appears next to him as his girlfriend. Until last year, when Ballack knew Natacha.

His new girlfriend is Lebanese descent, 8 years younger than Ballack. She came from a wealthy and powerful family and was educated in Paris since a young age. After graduating from ESCP Entrepreneurship School, Natacha joined a bank and is currently the CEO of a branch of a large German bank in London. She speaks German well and also French. Not only pretty and seductive, but Natacha is also very smart. Ballack and Natacha live together in England due to Natacha’s work here. Occasionally, they go back to Germany together. Last year, the two went together to attend the Oktoberfest Beer Festival in Munich and it was the first time they had publicly appeared together as lovers.

Ballack met Natacha for the first time at the wedding of the daughter of former Lebanese prime minister to billionaire Issam Fares last July. Natacha’s father spent 35 years working as a senior manager of the famous steel conglomerate Ferocometal in Paris. Natacha and Ballack both share a common passion for art and antiques, so they easily share their likes from the very first meeting.

As a serious man in love, Ballack makes people believe that Natacha is most likely the second predestination that God arranged for him. The wedding between Ballack and Natacha is only a matter of time.