Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction |17/07/2020| Superligaen DENMARK

The reviews to the football Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland prediction in the DENMARK SUPER LEAGUE about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form,  recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

The prediction shall all be considered to place an ideal bet on this battle.

Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction


  • Match date: 5:00 pm on Friday 17th July 2020
  • Event: Superligaen
  • Stage: Matchday 34th
  • Location: MCH Arena


Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction


Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction recommendation:

Midtjylland is completely dominant in the championship race this year when it is currently leading the rankings with 78 points, including 13 points in the last 7 matches in the playoff round with 4 wins, 1 match. tie and 2 losses and the current gap with the chasing opponent have reached 16 points. Thus, even if they lose the remaining 3 rounds, the MCH Arena team is officially crowned this season. In 26 official rounds, they also showed the overwhelming strength compared to the remaining competitors when taking up 65 points, far behind the opponent up to 9 points.

Nordsjaelland has gone through 26 official rounds and earned himself 42 points after 12 wins, 5 draws and 9 losses, this achievement helped them to play in the playoff round. However, after the last 7 matches, they have only won 1 time, 2 draws and 4 losses and are almost no longer able to compete in the next round. The current performance and recent achievements of the Pedersen army are extremely bad when the last 4 consecutive games have only won 1 point after 1 draw and 3 losses, not even scoring a goal. This shows that this team has no more will to play.

Asian Handicap Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction: 

Although officially enrolled in the next round, with their superior strength, Midtjylland is said to not take too much effort to defeat this opponent, the task that they have done very well in all 4 encounters. nearest to this opponent with 4 wins, including the away win 2 weeks ago.

The distance that the home team created before this opponent after 33 rounds of up to 32 points should be able to see the level difference is so large that it is difficult for the visitors to create a surprise.

The besst Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction: Midtjylland -3/4

  Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Match tip
  Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Match tip

O/U Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction: 

  • In the last two clashes of the two teams, both ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of the Midtjylland players. In addition, the home team has not scored in the last 2/3 matches. On the other side of the battle line, Nordsjaelland was also not appreciated on the offensive front when all four recent games were not fired. 
  • Moreover, the home team owns the best defense now when they only received 23 goals in 33 games. Therefore, choosing UNDER will be the right decision.
  • The best Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland Prediction: Under 3 goals


  • H1 Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland: 1 – 0
  • Midtjylland vs Nordsjaelland FT: 2 – 0

European odds: 

  • Nordsjaelland is one of the 3 teams with the lowest odds today, with 36%, even losing the last 4 matches. Midtjylland, meanwhile, has the highest odds of winning at 63% and won the match in 3/4 recent matches. In addition, with all 4 recent clashes and the opponent no longer having the will to play when the target has expired, a victory is considered within the reach of the home team. Therefore, the above team is a reasonable choice.
  • Choose Midtjylland to win (Full Time)