Moreirense vs Famalicao Prediction – Liga NOS – 05/19

Moreirense vs Famalicao prediction on May 19, 2021. Both Moreirense and Famalicao are fighting hard and hoping for a ticket to the Champions League next season. With relatively equal strength, this fight will be extremely worth watching.

Moreirense Overview

Moreirense is playing hard in the last rounds of the season, through 32 rounds they are getting 40 points and temporarily standing in 7th place in the rankings, only 2 points behind the team in the top 6. The opportunity for this team to squeeze into the top of the rankings is still there, so they will do their best in the final rounds. The next match with home advantage and the opponent is not appreciated, so this is an opportunity for the host to find a victory for themselves.

Famalicao Overview

Famalicao is getting 37 points after 32 rounds and temporarily standing in 11th place on the rankings, they have officially got a safe position when they are 7 points higher than the dangerous group while the season has only 2 more rounds will be over. They have had quite good last rounds in recent times, showing great efforts of the visitors. The next match has to march away from home while the opponent is stronger, so defeat awaits the away team.


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Asian Bet – Moreirense vs Famalicao prediction

Moreirense’s home form is something that is difficult to explain. Coach Vasco Seabra’s men are still going through a series of 11 consecutive matches that can’t win at home and have only earned 7 points at home since 2021. Disappointment is what is covering this team when they constantly lose matches with weaker opponents. The main reason is said to be a somewhat subjective competitive mentality and lack of combat in the final stages of the season. So if they continue to show a disappointing face like this, their loss to Famalicao will not come as a surprise.

Moreirense vs Famalicao Prediction

  • Choose Famalicao (HT)
  • Choose Famalicao (FT)

European Bet

This is a good opportunity for Famalicao to improve their head-to-head record against Moreirense. Before that, Famalicao only got 1 win and 2 draws in the last 5 encounters. However, with the high flying form and the determination of the young players, a victory is still within the reach of coach Ivo Vieira.

Choose Famalicao (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Moreirense vs Famalicao prediction

The recent rounds have seen Famalicao’s extremely stable scoring form. Coach Ivo Vieira’s men have had 10 goals in the last 5 rounds and almost 1/3 of what they have done in the whole season. With high determination and the sublimation of young strikers, Famalicao will surely corner the opponent as soon as the opening whistle sounds. With a gap of 5 points with being ranked 6th, Famalicao will be forced to win the remaining 2 matches to keep their fragile hope.

Moreirense vs Famalicao Prediction:

  • Choose Over (HT)
  • Choose Over (FT)


Moreirense: David Simao, Goncalo Franco, Felipe Pires, Lucas Rodrigues, Walterson, Fabio Pacheco, D’Alberto, Ferraresi, Abdu Conte, Afonso Figueiredo, Mateus Pasinato.

Famalicao: Figueiras, Ivo Rodrigues, Luiz Martin, Ceara, Ruben Vinagre, Oliveira, Eduardo, Assuncao, Romero, Pepe, Pajuelo, Gil Dias.