Nashville vs Chicago Fire Prediction | MLS | 11/01

Nashville vs Chicago Fire prediction – The American professional football league is in the middle of the season, there are no names that are too prominent, creating surprises against big competitors today. Nashville vs Chicago Fire will have a confrontation against each other in the 16th round, with the position in the lower half of the rankings, the chance for the two teams to break through this time is a difficult thing.

Nashville vs Chicago Fire Prediction


  • Match date: 00:30 pm on Sunday 1st November 2020
  • Event: MLS
  • Stage: Matchday 16th
  • Location: Nissan Stadium






  • The lack of good starts to the season is causing the team to be ranked 21st in the standings with 15 points. Nashville is showing an unimpressive ability to play and there are too many problems for this team. They have only scored 11 goals since the beginning of the season, this is a very bad ability to hunt goals compared to the overall level of the tournament of 25. 
  • However, in their last 10 matches, they have also shown the excel and overcome good weaknesses when there are 4/10 victories, 4/10 draws. Finding the form as well as the feeling of the player’s ball helps Nashville sublimate before entering the match.


  • Although they played more than his opponent in the remaining 3 matches, the Chicago Fire still had only 17 points and ranked 15th, which is not a good result for the team. Having conceded up to 23 goals in past matches has made experts say that they have a very bad defense and are not really effective. 
  • Although the last 10 matches are scheduled quite comfortably, they only have 3/10 victories and 4/10 draws. Through that, it can be seen that their performance when entering this match is not good.


  • The confrontation history is not too different when this is the first time the two teams have faced each other. However, the performance is very good with the players getting used to the gameplay as well as the feeling of the ball is very stable, Nashville is flourishing for this match. 
  • Playing less than the common ground 3 matches makes their chances to rise. Believe that with the superior they are they will help them have a victory in this confrontation. So choose Nashville for the Asian handicap.

Nashville vs Chicago Fire prediction: Nashville FT


  • A win is essential for 2 teams, both always show their attacking and defenseless play, the 10-match statistics in which both teams are present, always have a very large score and at least 3 goals/match. Therefore, the Nashville vs Chicago Fire prediction judged Over for this match.
  • Select: Over 3 FT

Nashville vs Chicago Fire prediction: Nashville 3 – 1 Chicago Fire (H1: 2-1)

Nashville vs Chicago Fire Prediction


  • Nashville is still famous as a team that always has a very good record when playing at home when this season they have 4/6 wins and 1 draw this is a very impressive number for the team. The Chicago Fire, on the other hand, always weighs heavily on the players’ feet when playing away from home to lose important points in the early part of the season on the away field. So with the current form and the advantage that I have, I believe that Nashville will make good use of it and have a win in this match.
  • Select: Nashville FT


  • Nashville: Willis Joe, Romney David, Zimmerman Walker, Miller Eric, Godoy Anibal, Lovitz Daniel, McCarty Dax, Leal Randall, Accam David, Mukhtar Hany, Badji Dominique.
  • Chicago Fire: Kronholm Kenneth, Calvo Francisco, Kappelhof Johan, Bornstein Jonathan, Navarro Miguel, Azira Micheal, Bronico Brandt, Pineda Mauricio, Gimenez Gaston, Mihailovic Djordje, Beric Robert, Frankowski Przemyslaw, Medran Alvaro, Herbers Fabian.