Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction | C1 Cup | 09/29

Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus is a confrontation that will take place at 7:00 pm on September 29. This is a match in the 4th Qualifying Round of the UEFA Champions League. Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction will provide in-depth suggestions, analyze the performance of the two teams before the match so that you can choose the standard team for yourself.

Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Tuesday 29th September 2020
  • Event: UEFA Champions League
  • Stage: 4th Qualifying Round
  • Location: GSP Stadium



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  • Impressive performance in the Champions League preliminary rounds this year as well as at the domestic playground with possession of up to the last 9 unbeaten matches. However, coming to the first leg of the Champions League preliminary round, recently having a disadvantage from the away field Omonia Nicosia was unable to maintain their current form and they had to take a 2-0 defeat against Olympiakos Piraeus. 
  • After the last battle, it can be seen that they are not strong enough to go deep into the next round of this year’s tournament when their opponents in this turn are too big a challenge.


  • Having the advantage of the representative home field from Greece did not disappoint their fans when they easily won 2-0 against Omonia Nicosia, the team in terms of unequaled strength be with them. After the last victory, coach Pedro Martins and his students currently own the 3 most recent victories. Showing the stability in the gameplay in the recent matches and having the advantage in the first leg, the coming back battle, the chance for Olympiakos Piraeus to win is quite bright.



  • After the defeat against Olympiakos Piraeus in the last match, Omonia Nicosia has now terminated the series of 3 consecutive Asian odds wins that they have recently and this is a not too optimistic signal for them. The representative from Greece here has a more stable record when convincing victories in the first leg, they are in possession of the last 3 Asian match wins. So with the handicap also quite fit in this battle, the ability to continue to win the Asian handicap of Olympiakos Piraeus is entirely possible.
  • Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction: Olympiakos Piraeus -1/2


  • Omonia Nicosia sets a goal that they need to win in this battle if they want to continue to go deep into the next round and believe that they will enter excitingly from the first minute to hope to gain the advantage. However, with better strength, Olympiakos Piraeus will certainly not let this happen and with both of them very determined in the upcoming second leg, Over will be very bright again.
  • Select: Over 2.1/2

Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus prediction:

  • Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus: 1 – 4 (H1: 1 – 2)
Omonia Nicosia vs Olympiakos Piraeus Prediction


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  • This year the two teams have also met 2 times and Olympiakos Piraeus they are proving to have a quite different level compared to the representative Omonia Nicosia from Cyprus when they have won all 2 wins. So in this match, the visitors’ European handicap score is only 1.88, much lower than Omonia Nicosia, even though they have home advantage, but their score of 3.66 proves a possibility. Their ability to surprise the visitors is very weak.
  • Select: Olympiakos Piraeus FT


  • Omonia Nicosia: Fabiano, Lang, Luftner, Lecjak, Hubocan, Gomes, Bautheac, Gomez, Papoulis, Santos, Sene.
  • Olympiakos Piraeus: Sa, Ba, Semedo, Cholevas, Rafinha, Bouchalakis, Valbuena, Camara, Masouras, Fortounis, Ahmed Hassan.

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