Palmeiras vs Universitario Prediction – Copa Libertadores – 05/28

Palmeiras vs Universitario prediction on May 28, 2021. The match is quite one-sided when the opponent of the host Palmeiras is just a Universitario who is losing to them on the standings. With the sublime performance of the attack and the certainty of the defense, it is too difficult for the guests Universitario.

Palmeiras Overview

The host Palmeiras is ranked very high at the Copa Libertadores and is in direct competition for a place in the next round. They ranked first in the standings with 12 points after 5 rounds and have continued with the top position. Therefore, the mentality of Palmeiras is extremely comfortable.

The home team is in a higher position than their own rival Universitario in this series. Palmeiras is an extremely unpleasant opponent for guests. They need a victory over Universitario to break through and close the gap with other opponents in the championship race.

Universitario Overview

Universitario is in a relatively low position in the Copa Libertadores with 4 points after 5 rounds, they are 4 points away from the next position in the same position. The gap is too big and they absolutely cannot come up with a good result against Palmeiras.

Universitario has run out of chances in the race to continue, but they still need a win to improve their performance and avoid unnecessary mistakes, they will probably pay dearly for the past of the season.


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Asian Bet – Palmeiras vs Universitario prediction

The home team Palmeiras is currently at the top of Group A with 12 points and has a safe distance from Denfensa, second with 4 points. Therefore, the Brazilian representative is extremely comfortable in the next match. The next match is played at home and only has to welcome Univ Deportes who are running out of competition, then the victory is something Palmeiras cannot ignore.

Palmeiras vs Universitario Prediction: Choose Palmeiras 1.5 / 2

European Bet

Not beyond the predictions of experts, Univ Deportes is the weakest team in Group A. The current Peruvian representative only has 4 meager points and is at the bottom of the standings. The record that they have from 1 win 1 draw and 3 losses. With its inferiority, Univ Deportes is not appreciated in the next match. The experts believe that the home team’s chances of winning are higher.

Choose Palmeiras (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Palmeiras vs Universitario prediction

Univ Deportes owns a rather modest attack when it only brought 6 goals after 5 matches but received 13 goals. Meanwhile, the home team showed their class with an extremely impressive attack when they got 14 goals and 7 goals conceded. With the relaxed mentality of the two teams, it promises to bring an open match and the ability to explode is quite high.

Palmeiras vs Universitario Prediction: Choose Over 3


Palmeiras: Jose Rafael Vivian, Danilo Dos Santos De Oliveira, Gustavo Henrique Furtado Scarpa, Jailson Marcelino dos Santos, Vanderlan Barbosa da Silva, Luan Silva dos Santos, Danilo Dos Santos De Oliveira, Matias Nicolas Vina Susperreguy, Lucas Rafael Araujo Lima, Willian Gomes de Siqueira, Wesley Ribeiro Silva

Universitario: Leonardo Rugel, Aldo Sebastian Corzo, Rafael Guarderas, Armando Andre Alfageme Palacios, Jose Carvallo, Luis Leonardo Valverde Ledesma, Nelinho Minzum Quina Asin, Federico Alonso, Gerson Barreto, Alex Valera, Alberto Quintero