Parma vs Genoa Prediction – Serie A – 03/20/2021

Parma vs Genoa prediction on March 20, 2021. Parma still could not find a sense of victory in the past rounds. This makes them unable to leave the group holding the red light in Serie A. Having a home advantage in the 28th round, Parma is determined to win all 3 points against Genoa.

Parma Overview

Parma vs Genoa Prediction

With only 16 points won after 26 rounds played in the Italian National Championship, Parma is still standing at 19th place out of the 20 participating teams. In the last 5 times playing on the familiar Ennio Tardini grass, Parma has lost 4 matches and only owns 1 draw. On average, they only get 0.2 points/game.

Genoa Overview

Parma vs Genoa Prediction

For Genoa, the guests only got 13th place on the chart with 27 points in hand. Before marching to Parma’s field in the next round, Genoa had to receive 2 defeats, 2 draws and only 1 win after the last 5 matches played on away land. 1 point/match is the statistics of the team’s performance away from home.

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The total number of Parma games played at home this season is 13. It can be seen that Parma is showing an unstable performance lately. They had to draw 5 matches and lost 7 more times. Therefore Parma can only own 1 victory.

Looking at the last 5 home matches, there have been 4 Parma matches that received losing results. On the contrary, they only earned themselves 1 draw. The result shows that Parma’s loss rate is 80%. Considering the latest match: Parma lost to Inter 1-2 in the end.

On the other side, Genoa is showing performance instability in the last 5 away matches. The number of draws that Genoa earned her was 2. Besides, this team lost 2 times. Most recently Genoa lost to Roma 0-1.

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European Bet – Parma vs Genoa prediction

Parma vs Genoa Prediction

Parma’s performance in the last 5 matches is encapsulated in two words “Disappointed”. Under the guidance of coach Roberto D’Aversa, the team could not once win, instead, they had 2 defeats and 2 draws. On the other side of the field, Genoa’s situation was not much better when the guests lost 2 matches, drew 3 matches, and did not own any wins after the last 5 matches.

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Over/Under Bet – Parma vs Genoa prediction

With the last 5 home games of Parma: The attackers are showing an unstable playing face. The total number of goals that Parma earned for himself was 3, reaching performance of 0.6 goals/game. In the meantime, their defense did not show the necessary certainty. 11 is the number of goals lost to Parma, averaging 2.2 goals/game.

With Genoa’s last 5 away games: The defense is definitely a strong point that Genoa needs to maintain. The total number of goals they have to receive is only 4 goals. On average, 1 game of Genoa lost 0.8 goals. Notably, the attackers are playing ineffective when only scoring 3 goals.

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