Pisa vs Cittadella Prediction | 03/07/2020 | Serie B of Italy

The match review to the football Pisa vs Cittadella prediction in the Serie B of Italy about the 2 competing teams’ recent performances and the most current matches of the teams, the detailed stats of the upcoming H2H matches, goal stats, qualities, table standings ranking and match possible match outcome.

The prediction should all be considered to put down an effective wager on this match.

Pisa vs Cittadella Prediction


ItalyItaly: Serie B

2020-07-03 18:45 PISA – CITTADELLA




HEAD-to-HEAD (H2H): 

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Pisa vs Cittadella Prediction



  • Pisa is showing an impressive new look since they came back from the 3-month translation vacation. In the last 3 consecutive rounds, Pisa is unbeaten with 2 victories and 1 draw. In particular, the home ground is the place to create a support for Pisa. In the last 3 matches played in his territory, Pisa won. Pisa is currently ranked 9th on the Serie B rankings with 43 points.
  • Poorly within 6 points of 5 points, in theory, there is still a chance for Pisa to compete for a place in the play-off round for the promotion ticket.
Possible Result  prediction for Pisa vs Cittadella
Possible Result  prediction for Pisa vs Cittadella 


  • Across the front line, Cittadella is third with 52 points. In the context that Benevento was soon crowned the king, the second place means that the remaining direct promotions will be the goal that Cittadella aims to.
  • It is undeniable that Pisa is in good shape but Cittadella is not a medium. They won 9 absolute points from 3 recent consecutive victories. Not only that, but they are also victories 2 goals difference.

Pisa vs Cittadella prediction TIP:

Pisa and Cittadella clash in the earliest match of Round 32 Serie B. Both teams are extremely hard to compete in the final round of the season, Pisa is striving to get in the top 8 to get the chance. promotion race, Cittadella with high performance in the season of the year tried to be in the top 2 to be able to get an official promotion ticket. Cittadella with superior strength is the dominant team in this match.

H1 Pisa vs Cittadella prediction

  • The host Pisa is in a recent flourishing state, the last 5 rounds, they have 3 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss. Achievements have improved significantly, Pisa has made great progress on the rankings. Currently, Pisa has been close to the top 8 in the rankings with 43 points and 9th place. Only 1 point behind the 8th ranked team Salernitana, Pisa’s chance to rise is very large.
  • On the opposite side, the visitors Cittadella are having a very successful season, not rated early in the season, but after 29 rounds they have impressive results and ranked 3rd in the standings. Cittadella is getting 52 points with the 2nd team score and only inferior to the sub-index. Cittadella’s recent performance is very good with 4 wins and 1 loss.
  • As a guest but Cittadella will be the dominant team and right from the start whistle. Overwhelming from the first minutes, Cittadella will get the goal to rise up quite early. Tennis contracts and UNDER 0.75 goal of the first half, choosing the away team and investment is reasonable.

Our Pisa vs Cittadella prediction for this match is:

  • Asian halftime betting tips: Cittadella 0:0
  • O/U first half: OVER
  • Predict the first half goal: Pisa 0 – 1 Cittadella
Pisa vs Cittadella Prediction
Pisa vs Cittadella Prediction

FULL TIME Pisa vs Cittadella prediction

  • Pisa has had a significant improvement recently but can see that their defense is not too good, only meet opponents who are not too strong but the last 3 matches they have to go to the net to pick the ball.
  • Cittadella, on the other hand, has a very solid kicking style with a large defense and extremely tight coordination. In addition, their attack is very sharp, the last 3 matches they all won with the same score 2 -0. High and stable form with a tight defense Cittadella will have a complete match in front of the host.
  • The last 5 times the two teams met, Cittadella was the dominant team when they won 3 wins and drew the remaining 2 matches. Dominant in the first half, second half Cittadella continued to play and the goal would continue to come to them. The host Pisa tried but at most they could only get the equal goal to close the gap. Handicap betting and Over 2.25 or 2.5 (CMD368) of this match, select the away team and the handicap is accurate.

Our Pisa vs Cittadella prediction for this match is:

  • Asian handicap tip all match: Cittadella 0:0
  • O/U Full match: OVER 3/ 2.5
  • Predict the score of the match: Pisa 1 – 3 Cittadella


  • Pisa: S. Gori, E. Pisano, S. Benedetti, . Belli, M. Pinato, A. Caracciolo,, M. Marin, M. Marconi, R. Gucher, D. Soddimo, L. Vido.
  • Cittadella: A. Paleari, A. Rizzo, D. Adorni, A. Camigliano, C. Ventola, F. Proia, N. Pavan, A. Vita, G. Panico, D. Diaw, Marchi.