Poland vs San Marino Prediction – World Cup 2022 – 10/08

Poland vs San Marino prediction on October 08, 2021. Poland is playing at home in the next round of the 2022 World Cup Qualifiers in Europe. Their goal will be to win to continue to raise hopes of reclaiming second place from Albania.

Poland Overview

Poland vs San Marino Prediction

Poland has not yet achieved the expected result after 6 matches played in Group I of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in Europe, because they only brought 3 wins, 2 draws, and 1 defeat. 

This result is causing Poland to temporarily rank 3rd in the rankings right after Albania. But everything is still under control because they played very well in the September rally. Not to mention that Poland has faced opponents. The stronger player is England with both matches and in the immediate future, there will be only inferior teams.

San Marino Overview

The right playing field for San Marino in the past few years is the Nations League, where they can win points or even win. However, tournaments like the Euro qualifiers or the World Cup are said to be beyond the reach of San Marino when in front of them are all superior teams. So the fact that San Marino lost all after 6 rounds were not too surprising. San Marino also always has to concede goals too easily, so it is difficult for the visitors to stand in front of an attacking line like Poland.


Past Encounters

Poland vs San Marino Prediction

Latest Matches

Asian Bet – Poland vs San Marino Prediction

San Marino is a weak team that becomes the point-earning team of most of the group’s opponents. After 6 matches, San Marino has lost, no points, and is at the bottom of the table. Their poor performance cannot be trusted, having to play away from home at this time San Marino only has the task to limit the maximum table loss. 

However, this task does not have much meaning because they have lost up to 24 goals in the previous 6 matches. Obviously, there is a difference in the performance of the two teams in this match, tonight’s betting expert advises players. Polish bet selection.

Poland vs San Marino prediction: Choose Poland

First Half Bet

Poland vs San Marino Prediction

With the home advantage, Poland will raise the squad early to score an early goal. The away team’s defense will make them hate before the first half ends.

Choose Poland (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Poland vs San Marino Prediction

Poland’s attack is currently at the top of the standings with the most goals scored. They have 19 goals after 6 matches, the defense conceded 8 goals. Meanwhile, San Marino is the team with the highest number of goals. The worst scoring record in the table with only 1 goal, their defense was a mess when they conceded 24 goals in only 6 matches.

Poland vs San Marino prediction: Choose Over

Line up

Poland: W.Szczęsny, G.Krychowiak, K.Linetty, K.Glik, J.Bednarek, P.Dawidowicz, T.Puchacz, K.Jóźwiak, J.Moder, R.Lewandowski, A.Buksa.

San Marino: E.Benedettini, E.Golinucci, A.Hirsch, M.Palazzi, C.Brolli, Manuel Battistini, A.Grandoni, F.Fabbri, A.Golinucci, N.Nanni, D.Tomassini.