Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction |17/07/2020| Spain Segunda

The reviews to the football Ponferradina vs Almeria prediction in the Spain Segunda Division about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form and recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

The prediction shall all be considered to place an ideal bet on this battle.

Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Friday 17th July 2020
  • Event: Segunda Division
  • Stage: Matchday 41st
  • Location: Estadio El Toralin


Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction


Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction recommendation:

With this season only two more rounds to finish, with Almeria the ability for them to compete for the championship with Cadiz is no longer, but the competition for 2nd place with Huesca is still very wide open. Because Almeria is currently ranked 3rd on the chart with 63 points, while Huesca is only getting 64 points. So when the 2nd place in the rankings holds the last ticket to help the promotion team directly, Almeria will surely try her best to win this position. Of ,  the visitors are determined they will be able to do it. And even more fortunate for Almeria when their opponent in today’s match is just a Ponferradina who is only standing in the second half of the table. With the determination of the away team plus the difference between the two teams, the victory was predicted to be in Almeria’s hands.

According to statistics from experts, Ponferradina is currently ranked 16th in the rankings with 48 points, 2 more points than Lugo. So if saying that Ponferradina no longer has a goal to play is not right, because the distance with the relegation group is only 2 points is also putting the home team in danger. However, despite the difficulties and determination, Ponferradina will be very difficult to stand before an Almeria that surpasses them in all aspects. Even the last confrontation of the two teams is witnessing Alemria completely overwhelming the home team. So the result that is considered to be the most feasible in today’s match is just a draw for Ponferradina.

Asian Handicap Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction: 

Ponferradina has only 1 win in the last 7 confrontations between the two teams. However, with the current unstable form, the home team can hardly have good results in this confrontation. If not determined to do his best in the last round, most likely Ponferradina will have to regret at the end of the season, but standing in front of Almeria of the Spanish 2nd Division, the home team has almost no chance.

With the most recent victories of Almeria, it is not too difficult to predict the easy victory from the visitors in the upcoming 90p.

Asian Handicap both matches are set at the same rate. The ratio between the upper and lower doors is a certain difference, showing that investors are quite confident about a victory for Almeria on this trip.

The bets Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction: Almeria -0.5

  Ponferradina vs Almeria Match tip
  Ponferradina vs Almeria Match tip

O/U Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction: 

Ponferradina hosts are in a sprint stage at the current tournament. Thereby it must host an opponent who is impressive as Elche at home in round 41 here, making many people do not believe in winning for the home team.

Ponferradina is in great danger after this season, so the Bolo coach’s army is determined that they will only be able to reduce the number of goals conceded in this round before the guests.

Across the front line, Almeria is ambitious to win promotions this season. Looking at the current performance and strength Almeria can completely win easily in the next confrontation.

Over Under is set at 2.25. The ratio for UNDER is 0.78, showing that investors are optimistic about the tight stance in this match. Given what’s been going on recently by the two teams, the information the two teams recommend choosing UNDER.

The best Ponferradina vs Almeria Prediction: UNDER 3

European odds: 

  • The first handicap is the EQUAL goal, and the favorite is given at 0.75. With the sharp attack ability of the,  will bring the goal in the first half. Most likely the visitors will enter the halftime break with the advantage of leading the table right 45 minuté. First half selective OVER 0.75.
  • The odds for European bet bookmakers are 3.00 * 2.44 * 2.97, which corresponds to the home win or loss ratio. Standing in front of the top-ranking player like Ponferradina, perhaps Almeria will not miss the opportunity to win 3 points completely.
  • Choose Almeria to win (Full Time)