Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction |2020/08/12| Serie B

The reviews to the football Pordenone vs Frosinone prediction in Serie B about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Wednesday 12th August 2020
  • Event: Serie B
  • Stage: Semi-finals
  • Location: Friuli


Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction

Pordenone’s performance

Pordenone’s last 5 matches: LDDDW

The performance of Attilio Tesser’s teachers and students is not really good in recent years. Before entering the semi-finals of the first leg of the promotion play-off round with Frosinone, they are having a series of 5 games with an unknown winning smell. As a result, many were surprised that Pordenone was able to defeat Frosinone at Benito Stirpe.

Frosinone’s performance

Frosinone’s last 5 matches: LLDWL

On the opposite side, Frosinone also showed a decline in the final stage of the Serie B group stage. In the last 8 appearances, this team had only 1 victory. They finished the group stage in 8th place on the rankings, thereby winning the last ticket to attend the play-off round.

Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction recommendation:

Asian handicap Prediction: 

  • Asian handicap: 0: 1/4
  • That victory also allowed players to bet Pordenone to win the Asian handicap. It is known that the house offers the odds for that match is 0: 1/2 with the upper door advantage of Frosinone players.
  • If players are intending to join the Asian handicap, Frosinone is not an ideal option to place money. Statistics show that players who bet on this team have not won in the last 8 matches, including up to 6 times losing the handicap.
  • The odds of this match are given by the Asian bookie as 0: 1/4. The odds for Pordenone and Frosinone are 2.10-1.78. If the home team has a win, the player who bets on wins. If both teams tie, the player loses half of the amount. The player loses the bet when the winner belongs to the away team Frosinone.

Pordenone vs Frosinone 

The best   Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction:   

  • Frosinone +0 HT
  • Frosinone +025 FT

O/U Prediction: 

  • Odds of O/U: 2.25
  • In the semi-finals of the promotion, Pordenone’s attackers scored 1 goal and did not concede. Including last season, Ramarri’s strikers scored a total of 48 goals. The defense of Attilio Tesser’s army also lost 46 goals. The goal difference for the Friuli team is 2 goals. Pordenone’s ability to assist in Serie B in the 2019/2020 season is acceptable when he has 17 goals.
  • On the away side, Frosinone lost 1 goal and failed to score in the first leg of the play-off semi-finals. 41 goals that Canarini scored after 38 rounds in the Italian second class last season. The defense of the Alessandro Nesta army also conceded 38 goals. On average, Frosinone receives 1 goal per match.
  • The dealer sets the odds for this match to be 2.25. The odds of OVER UNDER are 2.01-1.81 respectively. The winning player OVER when the match ends with only 1 goal scored.  

Best   Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction:   

  • UNDER 1 HT
  • UNDER 2.25 FT

1×2 Pordenone vs Frosinone Prediction

  • European odds: 2.40 * 3.00 * 3.05
  • In the past, Pordenone and Frosinone did not have too many opportunities to meet each other. The two new teams have only had a total of 3 meetings before. Notably, Pordenone is the team that owns an unbeaten record with 2 wins and 1 draw.
  • The most recent match between the two teams is in the first leg. Despite having to be a guest, Pordenone had minimal victory thanks to midfielder Luca Tremolada’s only goal.
  • 2.40 * 3.00 * 3.05 is the odds that the European house gives in this match. If Pordenone wins, the player who bets the result will bet at 2.40 odds. The same goes for the home team’s draw and loss results.
  • DRAW to win FT or Pordenone to win

Prediction of the expert:

  • HT Pordenone 0-0 Frosinone
  • Pordenone 1-0 Frosinone FT

Lineup expected Pordenone vs Frosinone

Chrzanowski, Bassoli are names that will be absent from the home team. On the visitors side, Frosinone will not be served by Capuano and Gori due to injury.

Pordenone (4-3-1-2): Almici – Di Gregorio, Barison, Ciurria, Camporese, Semenzato – Mazzocco,  Pobega – Tremolada – Strizzolo, Pasa

Head Coach: Attilio Tesser

Frosinone (3-5-2): Ariaudo, Bardi – Brighenti, Dionisi, Maiello, Krajnc – Salvi, Rohden, Haas, Paganini – Novakovich

Head Coach: Alessandro Nesta