Predicting AIK vs Orebro SK | 2020/11/22 | Allsvenskan

Unexpected victory over Djurgårdens in the last round helped AIK Solna maintain high rankings. Stay tuned  for AIK vs Orebro SK Prediction  at  Allsvenskan  on 11/22/2020.

And in the next round, having to welcome an Orebro who is also playing well will definitely be a difficult challenge but also a time for them to show their bravery.

Predicting AIK vs Orebro SK

Sweden: Allsvenskan


  • Competition date:  1:30 pm Sunday, November 22, 2020
  • Event:  Allsvenskan
  • Phase:  The 28th match
  • Location:  Friends Arena


Match event: 

Prediction of AIK vs Orebro SK:

Asian handicap prediction |  Prediction of AIK vs Orebro SK:

Handicap odds: 0.75

With home advantage, AIK Solna is still the team that is more appreciated than Orebro in this match through the 0.75 handicap. In general, this will be an extremely awaiting confrontation when these are two of the teams that are showing very high performance at the moment. AIK Solna still shows his extremely stable strength when attacking freely and possessing an extremely solid defense gives them many advantages up to now. Meanwhile Orebro with his uniform squad and at the end of the season is poised to be a formidable challenger to their opponents.

In addition, statistics also show that AIK Solna is also maintaining a fairly stable home record with 5 wins in 6 matches played at home in the past time. It would make Orebro really wary, especially when the away team also got 3 wins in 12 previous marches away from home.

This is the time when AIK Solna needs to show courage, the home team still has the advantage in terms of spirit, personnel and many people still believe in winning against Orebro, although it will be extremely difficult.

In the next match, AIK Solna team   was assessed as the superior team when accepting the other team.

→ From dealer odds CMD368, best option  : Orebro +0.25 HT HT, AIK Solna -0.75 FT FT

Predict faints

Odds: 2.5

Victory over Djurgårdens marks the 9th consecutive round AIK Solna does not have to taste defeat in the past. 38 points of possession after 27 rounds still helps the home team maintain a little chance for themselves in the goal of reaching the top 3 when the gap is already 6 points and this is the time when AIK Solna needs to maintain stability during the time. back of the match. The season can be considered as breakout.

Meanwhile, with Orebro, the visitors have not shown any inferiority when they have 6 wins in 10 matches so far. The extremely convincing performance helped them escape from the bottom group, 10th place and got 36 points. And with what has been shown, Orebro promises to create a lot of waves for the opponent in the next match. Most likely there will be many goals scored.

Therefore, our experts believe that  OVER  will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

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Predicting AIK vs Orebro SK

Predict the match result:

AIK Solna has got 3 wins and only lost 1 of the previous 6 Orebro encounters. Therefore, the home team will still have a basis for confidence in this rematch. Obviously Orebro is not an easy opponent to bully right now, but showing her bravery and class along with making good use of the opportunity will help AIK Solna get what they need.

Prediction  of us  on the results of AIK vs Orebro SK Match:

  • AIK Solna 1-1 Orebro (point 1)
  • AIK Solna 2-1 Orebro (Full-time)

Odds bets 1 × 2:

  • Odds from CMD368: updating
  • Prediction of AIK vs Orebro SK  :  AIK Solna  wins (Full match)

The European handicap is also an advantage for the home team as AIK Solna’s ratio is 1.64 while Orebro’s figure is 4.80. The sublimation series is bringing great confidence to AIK Solna and they can completely look forward to an active match against Orebro, although it is not easy. Most likely with advantages and bravery, AIK Solna will be the team with 3 complete points in the next match.

Expected team AIK vs Orebro SK

AIK Solna:  Janosevic, Karlsson, Tihi, Mets, Lindkvist, Ofori. Larsson, Silva, Asani, Ylatupa, Goitom.

Orebro:  Jansson, Lorentzson, Almeback, Granlund. Wright, Rogic, Gerzic, Amin, Larsson, Strandberg, Broberg.