Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux | 2020/11/28 | Ligue 1

Parc des Princes will witness the 1st and 12th place match on day 12. Watch out for PSG vs Bordeaux Prediction on 28/11/2020.

Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux


  • Competition date:  8:00 pm Saturday, November 28, 2020
  • Events:  Ligue 1
  • Phase: Day  12 matches
  • Location:    Parc des Princes


Match event:  

After the relatively disappointing start of the season in the first two rounds, PSG was back in the next rounds. Welcoming the opponent they have 4/5 the last victory is Bordeaux in round 12, perhaps it will not be too difficult for PSG to win in this match.

Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux:

Asian handicap prediction | Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux:

Handicap odds: 2.25

PSG is still maintaining a unique position in Ligue 1 when it is away from the championship race. While Bordeaux is also trying to rise to the top half of the chart.

Despite having to receive 2 consecutive defeats in the first two rounds of the season, PSG has returned with 8 consecutive wins recently. With this series of consecutive wins, PSG has risen to No. 1 on the rankings with 24 points and 5 points behind the chasing group.

On the other side of the front line, Bordeaux in the past has always maintained a relatively disappointing performance and this season is no exception. Specifically, after 10 rounds, they only got 12 points and are temporarily ranked 12th on the rankings. This is clearly not the location their fans would have wanted.

In the next match,  the away PSG team  is considered the dominant team when accepting the other team.  

→ From the dealer odds CMD368, the best option  : PSG –

Prediction on bottom

Odds: 3.75


  • won the last 4 home matches.
  • have scored at least one goal in the last 9 matches.
  • have scored at least one goal in the last 4 home matches.

Match Facts: BORDEAUX

  • There is no notable point

In the last 5 games of PSG, there have been 4 Over matches   and only 1 match of  Theo  , also in the last 5 matches of Bordeaux, there have been 3 matches of  Over  and 2 matches of  Theo  .

Therefore, our experts believe that  Small  will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→  Predict PSG vs Bordeaux:   Choose  Under

Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux

Predict the match result between PSG vs Bordeaux:

→  Prediction  of us  on the results of the match PSG vs Bordeaux:

  • PSG 2 – 0 Bordeaux (hiệp 1)
  • PSG 3 – 0 Bordeaux (Full match)

Odds bets 1 × 2: 

  • Ratio from CMD368: 1.13 * 13.75 * 8.25
  • Prediction for PSG vs Bordeaux  :  PSG  won (Full match)

It has been 5 years and has gone through 11 matches, but PSG has yet to receive any defeat against Bordeaux, including up to 8 victories.

Obviously, since changing the throne, Bordeaux has never been a rival of PSG in the confrontations between the two teams.

In this match, with a very high form, PSG is very confident for a victory, even a victory with difference.

The bets that the dealer CMD368 offers in this match according to PSG’s win, loss and draw results are 1.13, 13.75 and 8.25 respectively.

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