Prediction for Tottenham vs Ludogorets | 2020/11/27 | Europa League

The latest match of this round will be a showdown between West Ham United and Aston Villa. Stay  tuned  for Tottenham vs Ludogorets Prediction  on November 27, 2020 .

Both teams had a very important victory in round 8. Entering this match, they will be determined to win all 3 points.

Prediction for Tottenham vs Ludogorets


  • Competition date:  8:00 pm Thursday, November 26, 2020
  • Events:  UEFA Europa League
  • Phase: 4th day of competition 
  • Location:  Tottenham Stadium


Match event:  

Predict Tottenham vs Ludogorets:

Asian handicap prediction | Predict Tottenham vs Ludogorets:

Handicap odds: 2.5

Tottenham is leading the table in a surprising way but also extremely convincing. Mourinho’s second year with the teams is always really scary and cannot underestimate any of these opponents. Tottenham players like Harry Kane and Son gradually adapt to the strategy and they just need to do well with their assigned tasks, victory will come to them.

In this match, it is clear that Tottenham is much more appreciated and victory is also difficult to escape from the home team. However, in front of Mourinho is a great battle with Chelsea, the team has defeated him twice last season and is also in extremely high form. The turmoil and a win just enough is what Tottenham aim to keep maximum strength for the upcoming important match. Do not wait for Tottenham to play boom in this match.

Meanwhile, Ludogorets have yet to get any points this season and it’s really hard to wait for them against a much stronger opponent. Although still playing well in the Bulgari national championship, but clearly everything in the Europa League arena is out of their reach for now. Without much hope, it is difficult for Ludogorets to play explosive football and blood in the remaining matches.

In the next match,  the Tottenham visitors  are considered to be the superior team when accepting the other team.  

→ From the house’s odds CMD368, the best choice  : Tottenham –

Big Under

Odds: 3.5

The Over and Under ratio is too high that fans should not follow Over in this match. The dense schedule made Tottenham also started to play more cautiously at this stage. Tottenham’s last 2 games had no more than 2 goals scored. Meanwhile, Ludogorets is also quite difficult to create an explosive game against Tottenham when their strength is weaker. Should Under in this match.

In the first leg match between the two teams, Tottenham scored 3 goals against Ludogorets. And in this second leg with the advantage of the field and very high performance, the attacking players on the Tottenham side will not miss the chance to destroy Ludogorets again.

Therefore, our experts believe that  Small  will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→  Predict Tottenham vs Ludogorets:   Select  Under 

Prediction for Tottenham vs Ludogorets

Expected squad Tottenham vs Ludogorets

  • Tottenham:  Lloris, Doherty, Sanchez, Dier, Davies, Hojbjerg, Winks, Ndombele, Lucas, Kane, Son.
  • Ludogorets  : Lliev, Cicinho, Moti, Verdon, Nedyalkov, Badji, Menezes, Tekpetey, Yankov, Oliveira, Souza, Keseru.
  • Prediction for  Tottenham vs Ludogorets: 3-0

Not only playing well in the domestic playground, but Tottenham is also sublimating in the Europa League arena, when after 3 matches Rooster is currently leading the table with 6 points. The next match only has to welcome the weaker team Ludogorets at home, Tottenham will not be too difficult to achieve good results. Remember the last 2 rounds in the Premier League, Tottenham won all the time and they did not concede a goal.

Meanwhile, Ludogorets is a representative from Bulgaria, after 3 group stage matches Ludogorets has not scored any points with 3 defeats. Obviously the chances of Ludogorets players to continue are almost gone. The class difference between Ludogorets and Tottenham is too great. Having to be a guest to the field of the team leading the Premier League, it will be difficult for Ludogorets to create a surprise.