prediction Valencia vs Atletico Madrid | 2020/11/28 | The league

The Mestalla Stadium will see the match for the 8th and 2nd place in the 11th match. Watch  Valencia vs Atletico Madrid  in  La Liga  on November 28, 2020.

Prediction for Valencia vs Atletico Madrid


  • Competition date:  3:15 pm, Saturday, November 28, 2020
  • Events:  La Liga
  • Stage:  Round 11
  • Venue:  Stadium Mestalla


Match event: 

Valencia has just had an unexpected victory over Real Madrid in the last 9 rounds. Continue to play at home and receive another team from Madrid, Atl Madrid. Can they continue to successfully take advantage of their home field advantage to make Madrid dumbfounded?

Prediction for Valencia vs Atletico Madrid:

Asian handicap prediction |  Prediction for Valencia vs Atletico Madrid:

Handicap odds: 0.5

Valencia is determined to chase the top 5 on the rankings, with Atl Madrid they are also trying very hard to win the championship when the big opponents are having a lot of difficulties this season.

Since the beginning of the season this year, Valencia has been in an acceptable form when they encountered many difficulties at the beginning of the season when they had only 3 wins and had to receive 4 defeats after 9 rounds. Currently, they are temporarily ranked 9th on the rankings with 11 points and only 5 points from the top with a distance of only 3 points.

Meanwhile, Atl Madrid is currently the only team in La Liga that has not yet received any defeat and has up to 5 wins. With 17 points, they are currently ranked 3rd on the rankings and are only 3 points away from the leading position, but there are still 2 games left.

In the next match,  Atl.  Madrid  are considered the dominant team when accepting the other team.

→ From the house’s odds CMD368, the best option  : Atl.  Madrid –

Predict XU TAI

Odds: 2.25

Match facts: VALENCIA

  • VALENCIA has scored at least one goal in the last 5 games.
  • VALENCIA has scored at least one goal in the last 2 home matches.


  • ATLETICO MADRID has scored at least one goal in the last 5 games.
  • ATLETICO MADRID has scored at least one goal in the last 2 away matches.

In Valencia’s last 5 matches, there are 3  CROSS  and 2 CROSS matches   and this is also the last 5 matches of Atl Madrid.

Therefore, our experts believe that  CROSS  will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→  Prediction:  Select  SMALL 

Prediction for Valencia vs Atletico Madrid

Predict the result of the match between Valencia vs Atletico Madrid:

→  Prediction  of us  about the outcome of the game Valencia vs Atletico Madrid:

  • Valencia 0 – 0 Atl.  Madrid (1st half)
  • Valencia 0 – 1 Atl.  Madrid (Full-time)

Odds bets 1 × 2:

  • Ratio from CMD368: 4.35 * 1.80 * 3.45
  • Prediction for Valencia vs Atletico Madrid  :  Atl.  Madrid  win (Full-time)

In recent years, Valencia has fallen and become a mid-range team in La Liga, Atl Madrid increasingly becoming a huge counterweight in the championship race every season.

Therefore, Atl Madrid continuously get favorable results every time they meet Valencia when they are completely unbeaten in the last 5 meetings between the two teams, including 2 wins. In this match, despite having home advantage, but in front of an annoying opponent like Atl Madrid, perhaps 1 point is also a success for Valencia.

The odds that the dealer CMD368 gives in this match is 4.35 * 1.80 * 3.45. The above rates correspond to Valencia’s winning results.