Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar Predictions | 2020/11/29 | Eredivisie

AZ Alkmaar will have a trip to Heracles Almelo Stadium in the Dutch national championship. Stay tuned for Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar Prediction.

It was a quite difficult match for the home team when they had to face a team that was much stronger and played extremely well over time. Whether the surprise happened to Heracles Almelo or it was still overwhelming and a victory will be won for the guests of AZ Alkmaar.

Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar prediction


  • Competition date:  3:45 pm Sunday, November 29, 2020
  • Events:  Eredivisie
  • Phase: 10th day of competition 
  • Location:  Polman Stadion


Heracles Almelo currently has 8 points and is ranked 13th in the standings, a pretty bad achievement for the home team recently. Possessing a poor-quality lineup and constantly making serious personal mistakes is causing them to suffer a lot of losses. The difficulty increases when in the upcoming match they have to welcome an overwhelming opponent, how Heracles Almelo will play to have the hope of getting valuable points in this confrontation.

AZ Alkmaar has 14 points and is ranked 7th in the standings, an achievement not too high but still quite good for the visitors in the past time of the tournament. Statistics show that AZ Alkmaar is unbeaten in the last 5 games, a rather slow start from the beginning of the season, has not helped the visitors get the desired rankings, but recently is the acceleration. The fact that they have an amazing performance and if they keep their current form, getting a lot higher scores and positions than they are now is something that AZ Alkmaar can fully think of.

 Prediction of Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar:

Asian handicap prediction | Prediction of Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar:

Handicap odds: 0.5

AZ Alkmaar showed a strong comeback when he got 3 crispy victories against his opponent after holding two quite strong teams before, an unbeaten record lasting to 5 is quite impressive. wrestling for a team is only 7th in the standings. Having a very high confidence and only having to face the main team in this match, concentrated play and scoring many goals from the opportunities created will help AZ Alkmaar have a crisp victory. in the meeting this weekend.

In the next match,  Team  Alkmaar  was assessed as the dominant team when accepting the other team.  

→ From the house odds CMD368, the best bet  : AZ Alkmaar -0,25 HT, AZ Alkmaar -0.75 FT

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Rate: 3.0

Despite not being ranked too high, but the outstanding performance of the away team has been evident in recent matches and it is not surprising that they are the higher rated team in this match when facing a disadvantage on away field. . field. Deploying a speedy play and dominating opponents, creating clear chances to find goals was what AZ Alkmaar wanted to show in this match, in complete control. The away team and the fact that many goals come to them are not too difficult to explain in this confrontation.

Therefore, our experts believe that the  Tai will be optimal for investors in the next 90 minutes.

→  Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar Prediction:   Choose a  Talent

Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar prediction

Predict the match result between Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar:

Statistics show that AZ Alkmaar has scored 19 goals after 8 recent rounds, an impressive number of visitors is the very high scoring performance and is rated on par with the teams in the top 4.

Having the quality elements on the attacker makes it easy for AZ Alkmaar to create opportunities as well as find goals in past matches and in the upcoming match too, using a play with strictness. of the defense and the effectiveness of the attack, and the sublimation of the attack, it was not too difficult for the away team AZ Alkmaar to have victory in this encounter.

→  Prediction  of us  on Heracles Almelo results match vs AZ Alkmaar:

  • Heracles Almelo 0 – 2 AZ Alkmaar (hiệp 1)
  • Heracles Almelo 1 – 3 AZ Alkmaa (Full-time)

Odds bets 1 × 2: 

  • Odds from CMD368: updating
  • Prediction for Heracles Almelo vs AZ Alkmaar  :   win (full match) by  AZ Alkmaar

Having 3 points in this match will help AZ Alkmaar shorten the gap with the above-ranked teams, and is a prerequisite for the race to 4th place in the standings.

The upcoming match is a very good and sure opportunity with the current extremely sublime performance, AZ Alkmaar will not be easy to lose, enter confidently and impose the opponent with speed play. Utilizing the opponent’s loophole to punish with important goals will help AZ Alkmaar players get 3 full points in this confrontation.

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