Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction – Europa League 2 – 10/21

Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty prediction on October 21, 2021. Not Basel or Omonia, Qarabag is the leading team in Group H with an impressive performance. Having the home-field advantage in this match and welcoming the weaker team, Kairat Almaty. This is an opportunity for the Azerbaijan representative to extend his series of good achievements.

Qarabag Overview

Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction

Qarabag was the runner-up of the Azerbaijan league last season. Clearly coming from a football background that is not really developed Qarabag is not overrated. But they played quite well in the first matches in the Europa Conference League. They are at the top of the table in Group H after getting 4 points after the first 2 matches. With pretty good performances and home advantage in the next round, Qarabag will be determined to win to be able to maintain the top of the table.

Kairat Almaty Overview

Kairat Almaty is the representative of Kazakhstan, so football is not appreciated in Europe. After 2 matches, the away team only got 1 draw and 1 loss. Only 1 point makes them 3rd in the rankings. They don’t aim to go far in Europe so they won’t give their best right now. The next match continues to have to march away from home but it is difficult for the away team to find a victory.


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Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction

Asian Bet – Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction

Compared to a Qarabag with a lot of experience in the continent, this is the first time Kairat Almaty has attended the official group stage of the European Cup. Therefore, it is not surprising that after 2 matches, the representative of Kazakhstan still has no victory and is only ranked above the bottom team thanks to the secondary index. 

Only ranked 3rd in the domestic league, the recent performance of the Central Stadium team is also very unstable. Specifically, Kairat Almaty could not win in the last 4/5 times as a guest, receiving 2 defeats. Therefore, the chance for the visitors to make a surprise against a very stable Qarabag is quite low.

Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty prediction: 

  • Choose Qarabag – 0.25 (HT)
  • Choose Qarabag – 0.75 (FT)

European Bet

Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction

Haven’t faced each other yet, but you can see the difference in level between Qarabag and Kairat Almaty. Just play with the right form and do not make mistakes, 3 points is difficult to escape from the hands of the home team Qarabag.

Choose Qarabag (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty Prediction

Kairat Almaty has only got 2 goals after 2 matches. Playing with 3 central defenders and only relying on 2 strikers at the top, the away team’s attack power is relatively weak. Having to be a guest against a stronger opponent and defending very well, it is difficult for this match to have many goals scored.

Qarabag vs Kairat Almaty prediction: 

  • Choose Over 0.75 (HT)
  • Choose Under 2.5 (FT)

Line up

Qarabag: Mahammadaliyev, Andrade, Qarayev, Huseynov, Medina, Medvedev, Zoubir, Ozobic, Romero, Bayramov, Sheydayev.

Kairat Almaty: Pokatilov, Kosović, Polyakov, Mikanović, Bagnack, Dugalić, Alip, Hovhannisyan, Alves, Kanté, Love.