Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/22

Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal prediction – After a lot of efforts last season, Arsenal got themselves a ticket to the European League this season. They will be on a march to Austria in a guest match against Rapid Vienna. With their level, can Arsenal get 3 points before leaving the field?

Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal Prediction


  • Match date: 04h55 pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Allianz Stadion Stadium




  • Rapid Vienna currently has a very good performance in the past time when they won 3 victories and lost only 1 of the last 4 matches in all competitions. Being in the group stage with Arsenal is outstanding when they are working hard to get a second place after the end of the group stage.


  • On the opposite side, Arsenal is showing their great changes after having won the FA Cup championship at the end of last season. Their performance last time also made the fans very satisfied when they won 3 wins and only lost 1 match in the last 5 matches in all competitions.



  • The match as a guest on the field of the opponent that is much weaker, Rapid Vienna, is indeed at the moment that it is difficult for any team to stop Arsenal in the C2 Cup this season.
  • The Asian handicap set for this match is 1. In the 1-draw, the higher-rated gunner is Rapid Vienna in the underdog, the odds of both teams are 1.91. This time, players who believe that they will win if after 90 minutes, Arsenal wins with a difference of 2 or more goals, 1 goal is money-even, in case of draw and loss, they will lose all.

Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal prediction: Arsenal 1


  • Rapid Vienna’s attackers currently score with 16 consecutive matches. The scoring record of this team is quite impressive with 33 goals scored after the last 10 matches, averaging 3.3 goals/game. If counted at home alone, the number of goals is 20 goals after 5 matches, an average of 4 goals/game, this is quite an impressive number.
  • On the other side of the field, Arsenal is going through a series of sublimation matches when their attackers almost every game score, it is understandable that because Arsenal is a team that tends to be the attacking team. Especially in 5 away games, they have scored 11 goals, averaging 2.2 goals/game. It is worth mentioning that their opponents are quite strong.
  • The Over / Under odds rate for this first leg is 2.75, when the player places the Over / Under will win at 1.81, Over will win at 1.98. With a team that is inclined to attack like Arsenal, also with a class difference, 2.75 is a match that players can choose to win.
  • Select: Over 2.75

Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal prediction:

  • Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal: 1 – 3
Rapid Vienna vs Arsenal Prediction


  • Up to now, Rapid Vienna and Arsenal have never faced each other in the C2 Cup. It is understandable because Arsenal rarely participates in this tournament, and the home team is rarely involved. However, when looking at the strength and background of both teams, it is not too surprising that Arsenal is rated higher.
  • 5.60 * 1.51 * 4.20 respectively is the handicap odds assigned to this tournament, corresponding to the results of win, loss and draw of the home team. It can be seen that in this contract, it is not too surprising that Arsenal is appreciated when it is on the upper hand.
  • Select: Arsenal FT