Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo Prediction | La Liga 2 | 11/13

Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo prediction – Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo will face off against each other in the 12th round of the Spanish 2nd Division in the middle of this week. Both teams have had a rather slow start to the season, with consecutive matches losing their scores indecisive minutes. This confrontation match is considered equal, whether they make good use of it to bring back 3 valuable points or not?

Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo Prediction


  • Match date: 8:00 pm on Friday 13th November 2020
  • Event: La Liga 2
  • Stage: Matchday 12th
  • Location: La Romareda






  • Real Zaragoza is a team that has had a very good track record last season, but lack of stability is something they are facing at this stage. Real Zaragoza is currently ranked 15th with 13 points after 11 matches, the performance is not too good, but with a strong attacking play, the team always gives viewers a feeling of excitement. 
  • They scored up to 11 goals, this is considered a high number compared to the general level of the tournament. The attacking style and improving the squad also made them receive many goals back. The opponent is not too strong this time will be an opportunity for the team to have a good performance.


  • Real Oviedo with quite a lot of addition to its staff, but the lack of cohesion at the beginning makes them not too strong compared to the rest of the competition. Real Oviedo is currently in 19th place with 8 points gained after 11 matches. 
  • Contrary to the home team Real Oviedo is a team with a very low number of concessions with only 6 goals, this is also understandable when the play they are building in favor of the defense. This trip is expected to be quite difficult for the team when they are in the process of perfecting their play and not achieving the highest performance.


  • In the last 10 encounters, Real Zaragoza spent 5 wins and draws 3 and lost only 2 matches, an overwhelming number for the home team for the away team. The difference is quite clear between the levels of the two teams. With the current performance of the away team when they do not have too many plans to attack and find goals, the fact that they have to be a guest in this turn, experts assess their ability to win is not available. Real Zaragoza with all kinds of factors supporting them, is expected to be a good match and takes 3 points in this matchup. 

Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo prediction: Real Zaragoza FT


  • Statistics in the last 5 encounters, the two teams devoted to the viewer up to 19 goals, nearly 4 goals/game performance. This is a number that says a lot, both teams always have a liberal style when facing each other and are not afraid to attack from the first minute. Predict a multi-goal match so Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo prediction recommends Over.
  • Select: Over 2.25 FT

Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo prediction: Real Zaragoza 4 – 2 Real Oviedo (H1: 2 – 1)

Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo Prediction


  • In terms of their current performance, both have not done so well in the past. However, the difference in qualifications is always a huge barrier for the visitors to make something surprising, statistics show that when playing away Real Oviedo is always not appreciated as they only win 1 in 5 games this season. Real Zaragoza has enough confidence and home advantage for them to have a good posture and win.
  • Real Zaragoza vs Real Oviedo prediction: Real Zaragoza FT


  • Real Zaragoza: Ratón, El Yamiq, Francés, Atienza, Nieto, Guti, Kagawa, Eguaras, Soro, Burgui, Suárez.
  • Real Oviedo: Lunin, Arribas, Hernandez, Bolano, Nieto, Tejera, Luismi, Sangalli, Rodri, Barcenas, Ortuno.