Robert Pires – New Brand Ambassador of CMD368

Former French player Robert Pires has been nominated as the Brand Ambassador of Asia Sportsbook and Online Casino – CMD368.

Robert Pires

New Journey by Robert Pires

As a Brand Ambassador, Pires will accompany CMD368 to promote the company’s brand in the Asian region. To market digital shows ahead of the UEFA European Championships next year.

He will be taking a trip to Asia to connect with fans to promote CMD368’s campaigns.

Pires shared, “I am proud to represent CMD368 as a brand ambassador and I look forward to working closely with the brand to produce entertaining content and rewarding experiences for users. “

Achievement series of Robert Pires

This former football superstar was an indispensable part of the “invincible” team – Arsenal in the 2003/04 Premier League season and played an important role in helping the Gunners to win the championship this season.

He also has an outstanding record of international football, having represented France for eight years and brought home the 1998 FIFA World Cup and the 2000 UEFA European Championship.

CMD368 gives praise to the Former Superstar

As for the CMD368 side has observed, “The CMD368 brand innovation, integrity, and excellence.

“These very same qualities are epitomized by Robert Pires, whose qualities, depth of skills, as well as versatility as a professional footballer, have made him a much loved and respected figure today.

“We are indeed very proud and privileged to have him as our Brand Ambassador.”

CMD368 is an international betting operator and online casino, specializing in live sports betting deals while also offering Casino, Poker, eSports, Slots, and several other products.

The Breakthrough of CMD368

Overview of CMD368

CMD368 is an online entertainment website operating in the Vietnam market in 2013. CMD368 is licensed to operate in the betting industry by First Cagayan Leisure & Resort Corporation.

The goal of CMD368 is to bring all kinds of entertainment and games online, and events around the world. CMD368 has been fully licensed and you can have relaxing moments while using CMD368.

CMD368 has a wide variety of betting products such as sports, casino, slot, lottery, poker 

Highlights of CMD368

Interface of CMD368

CMD368 has set up a new interface with a user-friendly homepage. In which more integrated schedule, highlight interesting matches.

The interface of CMD368 is designed to be simple, supports all browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, …. Visitors can easily track their accounts and information quickly. With eye-catching colors for the user.

Currently, CMD368 supports both browser interfaces on mobile devices. This is a breakthrough innovation of CMD368 to bring the best experience for users.

CMD368 has applied the most advanced technologies in the world so that players can bet anytime, anywhere. By using desktop, mobile, smartphone … on the app of iOS and Android operating systems.

Sport has been the strength of the CMD368 since its inception. CMD368 also has a television to watch live Vietnamese commentary without any dealer.

CMD368 is considered the standard bookmaker for betting, high win rate, and can be said to be the first and second in the topmost prestigious bookmakers today. In addition, CMD368 has many types of odds, from parlays in thousands of matches to special markets.

A home sale is a function that the dealer has successfully integrated, players can sell the bet when they win or risk losing. CMD368 top-up card promotions are numerous and the bonus is also very high as well as the weekly cashback rate up to $200.

Casino by CMD368 – Robert Pires

Robert Pires

CMD368 casino has many famous big casinos such as GD, DG, Sexy, AG, GP, HG, WM, OG, AB, PT that can be played on mobile phones. All of the above websites have hot girls sharing live TV articles, so they cannot cheat.

Especially, there is a game of talent that Vietnamese football bettors love. With only 3,000vnd / turn, players will have 1 bet ticket like in a real casino.


Poker is an intellectual betting game ever, at CMD368 players will experience the exciting Poker playground, with an eye-catching interface. The simple way of playing easy to win will stimulate betting people to be more interested in playing.

Currently, CMD368 has a promotion with a welcome bonus of up to 15%, with a weekly return rate of 0.3%. Next is to watch football online at CMD368 with all the matches that are not available to other bookmakers.

Lottery CMD368

CMD368 provides comprehensive lottery such as keno, lotto, especially Vietnam lottery. Playing in the southern style, but the results are broadcast nationwide, so players can play the lottery in the South, North, and Central with a large commission discount of up to 33%. Especially, newcomers will receive 100k free of charge.

Robert Pires

Promotion summary CMD368 – Robert Pires

  • Birthday bonus
  • Bonus 100% for new members.
  • 50% sport welcome bonus up to $1000
  • Unlimited 6th passionate bonus.
  • Promotional bonus for reloading 10% weekly up to $100
  • Virtual sports for new members up to $200
  • Cashback of 1% unlimited sports weekly.
  • Welcome slot game bonus 120%
  • Bonus for the first time daily deposit up to $100  bonus.
  • Unlimited 1.3% cashback on all games.
  • Welcome casino bonus up to $100
  • Bonus 20% online casino refill up to $50
  • Casino refunds on Thursday up to $2000
  • The unlimited sixth frenzy.
  • Unlimited 1.2% cash back for online Baccarat
  • Welcome fish shot bonus up to $100
  • Reload the game shooting fish bonus 10% up to $100
  • Unlimited 1.3% cashback for Keno.
  • 15% Welcome Poker bonus up to $20
  • Bonus Poker up to $50
  • Unlimited 0.8% cashback.

How to participate in the promotion:

To request the promotion, simply contact the support team via Email or Live Chat to provide information about your CMD368 account and wallet. Content: Username CMD368 – XXXX.