Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction – La Liga 2 – 04/27

Sabadell vs Mallorca prediction on April 27, 2021. Through what has been shown with the impressive form this season of Mallorca. Sabadell’s march to the courtyard will be just a walk and get 3 points in the immaculate race.

Sabadell Overview

Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction

Sabadell this season under the leadership of coach Javier Salamero Marco is having a poor performance. With only seven more rounds remaining in the season, Sabadell is at the penultimate position on the rankings. They are in danger of being relegated if they still perform such an inconclusive play.

Flattering performance coupled with a lack of instability. In attack duo striker Stoichkov and Juan Hernandez only got 13 goals. Sabadell’s defense also did not have the certainty needed to concede 42 goals this season. In the last 6 matches, they have only had one victory.

Mallorca Overview

Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction

The march to the Estadi de la Nova Creu Alta Stadium this time the Mallorca team brought with them a full force. Mallorca is ranked second in the rankings this season, only 3 points behind the top team.

The strikers of Mallorca always had a steady rotation. Along with a solid defense. Mallorca has an even roster on all three routes.


Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction

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Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction

Asian Bet – Sabadell vs Mallorca prediction

Sabadell is in bad shape and morale is going down when they have not won all 4 matches. The home field does not bring too many advantages for Sabadell when they play poorly and have not won up to the last 11 home matches. Meanwhile, the Majorca players will play 100% of their ability to find the full 3 points and continue the championship race. 

At the same time, Mallorca’s performance this season is much better than the home team and the gap in the standings is a clear testament to the difference between the two teams. Along with that at the last encounter, Mallorca also won against the home team. Therefore, it is possible to believe in a victory for Mallorca in this round.

Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction: Choose Mallorca -0.5 

European Bet

The odds of the European house are given by 3.35 * 2.16 * 3.10, which corresponds to the home team’s win rate and draw rate. Just being a guest against a host who is performing poorly like Sabadell, it is not difficult for Mallorca to bring 3 full points in this round. Therefore, Mallorca will be a reasonable choice for Europeanbet.

Choose Mallorca (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Sabadell vs Mallorca prediction

Caution will be what the two teams look forward to in this match as both are not well prepared for this match. At the same time, both are often very cautious when they meet each other and the last 5 matches ended with no more than 2 goals.

Sabadell vs Mallorca Prediction: Choose Under 2.0


Sabadell: Tanabe, Collantes, Hervas, Eguaras; Nauzet; Cristian, Crespi, Espasandin, Marquitos; Gato, Juanto.

Mallorca: Febas,  Júnior, Takefusa Kubo,  M.Reina, M.Valjent,  A.Raíllo,  A.Sedlar,  A.Pozo,  I.Baba,  Dani Rodríguez,  Ante Budimir.