Sampdoria vs Torino Prediction – Serie A – 3/21/2021

Sampdoria vs Torino prediction on March 21, 2021. Sampdoria will be Torino’s next opponent in his relegation journey this season. Obviously, this is not an easy opponent to play but not too superior to Torino. The Turin team can completely think about 3 points if they can organize a reasonable and methodical match.

Sampdoria Overview

Sampdoria vs Torino Prediction

Sampdoria currently has 32 points after 27 rounds and is temporarily ranked 11th on the standings. They are almost certainly relegated in this year’s tournament.

Sampdoria’s recent performance is really not good when they have not won in the last 5 rounds in Serie A and have received 3 defeats.

Sampdoria’s season this year has made remarkable progress, this team has scored 37 goals in 27 matches. But having conceded 42 times made Sampdoria unable to get a better position on the rankings.

Torino Overview

Sampdoria vs Torino Prediction

Torino is no longer a Serie A dark horse, but now they are only a shadow of themselves in the past. The main task of the Torino players is still to successfully relegate.

Torino is still playing relying too much on Andrea Belotti when the Italian striker is responsible for carrying a team of Torino that lacks fighting strength.

With the last 5 away matches, Torino showed his lack of stability. Specifically, Torino only earned 1 win and 2 draws. On the contrary, Torino had to lose 2 matches. Considering the last match, they lost to Crotone 2-4.

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Entering the next match, Sampdoria had to go through 5 consecutive unsuccessful matches in Serie A and fell to 11th place in the standings. Apparently, they have no more goals to strive for in this year’s tournament as the gap with the top 6 teams is already 18 points.

On the other side of the front line, Torino needs to regain stability quickly if he doesn’t want to relegate next season. They only got 20 points along with it being 19th on the chart. In addition, Torino also had 2 consecutive defeats in the last 5 matches.

With the latest match, Sampdoria had to be a guest on Bologna’s field. At the end of 90 minutes, Sampdoria let the host beat 3-1. For Torino, they also lost 1-2 to championship candidate Inter Milan.

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Sampdoria vs Torino Prediction

In the history of football, between Sampdoria and Torino, there have been a total of 5 meetings since 2018 until now. Notably, there is no team that makes a difference when they both own the other 2 wins and the remaining draw.

The latest match between the two teams at Torino’s home field in the 9th round of Serie A. At the end of 90 minutes, there was no ball to win 3 points when the final score was 2-2.

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Over/Under Bet

Consider the last 5 matches of Sampdoria. The number of goals that this team has scored is only 4, achieving a performance of 0.8 goals/game. Meanwhile, the defense also showed a lack of stability when conceding 9 goals, the corresponding loss rate of 1.8 goals/game.

Considering the last 5 matches of Torino: On the attacking front, Torino played quite well. They have a total of 7 assists. However, the number of goals lost to this team was 9.

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