Santos vs Juventude Prediction – Série A – 06/12/2021

Santos vs Juventude prediction on June 12, 2021. Santos is playing at their home ground in the next round of Série A 2021, their goal will be to extend the winning streak to 4 and move up to higher rankings. That goal is completely feasible when Santos only has to welcome rookie Juventude.

Santos Overview

Santos did not have a really good performance in the Copa Libertadores group stage when they continuously lost in the final rounds, accompanied by a disastrous 0-3 defeat on the field of an opponent who was not so strong as Bahia. However, in the end, things are gradually going in the right direction for this team when they have regained the winning streak in the last 3 appearances, including 2 victories in the Copa do Brasil and in between defeating Ceara with 3-1 to bring home the first victory in Série A 2021.

Juventude Overview

Juventude immediately showed the inherent image of a new rookie coming up to play in Serie A 2021. They opened with a 1-1 draw with their promoted team Cuiaba right away. before returning home and receiving a 0-3 defeat to Athletico-PR. That somewhat weak performance made Juventude only get a meager point and temporarily ranked 16th after 2 matches played.


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Asian Bet – Santos vs Juventude prediction

Looking at the difference between the two teams, most experts believe that Santos will not be difficult to get a goal in the first half and if they play well, they are fully capable to end the first half with a good 2 goals. And winning with a difference of more than 2 goals is a result that the home team is considered to be sure to do. Therefore, in the Asian bet in the first half and the whole match, choosing to invest in the home team Santos will be the optimal and safest choice.

Santos vs Juventude Prediction

  • Choose Santos -1/2 (HT)
  • Choose Santos -1(FT)

European Bet

The European odds offered by the house are *1.52-6.00-3.90* corresponding to the home team’s win and loss ratio. With the disparity between the two teams, experts all agree and are sure that the investment option in Santos at 1×2 will be the safest investment choice for fans.

Choose Santos (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Santos vs Juventude prediction

Santos is getting 3 points after the first two rounds of the new season with 1 win and 1 loss. Meanwhile, Juventude only got themselves 1 point when drawing 1 and losing 1. And worth mentioning, Juventude’s loss was the match they lost to Paranaense at their own home with a score of 0-3. 

Remember, while Santos was in 8th place last season, Paranaense has just been promoted this season. With such a huge difference, experts all believe that today the home team will destroy rookies at their home ground with a lot of goals.

Santos vs Juventude Prediction:

  • Choose Over 1 (HT)
  • Choose Over 2.5 (FT)


Santos: Vinicius, Perpetuo, Luiz Felipe, Copete, Venuto, Fernando, Nunes, Fernando, Henrique, Madson, Mazoti.

Juventude: Para, Tony, Jair, Cavichioli, Choco, Mattioni, Fred, Bruninho, Bonfim, Queiroz, Jesus.