Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 Prediction – March 6 – Bundesliga I

Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction on March 06, 2021. In the Bundesliga 24th round, Schalke 04 welcomed FSV Mainz 05 in the context that the two teams were sharing the last two positions. Die Königblauen is the leading name for a relegation, despite having fired up to 4 coaches since the beginning of the season. While the visitors rose strongly with 3 wins in the last 6 matches. 3 points is a mandatory task for both teams before the opponent is considered reasonable.

Schalke 04 Overview

Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 Prediction

Schalke 04 crisis became more and more serious and the bottom position with only 9 points was a disappointment. Scored 16 goals but conceded 61 times in 23 matches, only 1 victory but lost 16 matches.

The game is loose and the defense is often done. More ominous are the recent signs of surrender, 2 defeats 0-4 against Dortmund and 1-5 against Stuttgart, forcing Schalke to change on the steering bench for the 4th time. In the last 8 rounds, Die Königblauen entered The net picked up the ball 22 times. Following Mainz in the bottom group of the group, Schalke 04 will have to gamble.

FSV Mainz 05 Overview

Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 Prediction

FSV Mainz 05 is also going through a difficult season, but its determination to relegate is shown strongly. 3 victories and unbeaten in the last 4/6 matches, coach Lichte and the team are only 1 point behind the safe group. Impressive attackers scored 8 goals in that series, but the defense conceded 8 times yet to bring peace of mind.

Away from home, the adventurous play is bringing unexpected results, holding Leverkusen 2-2 and knocking Monchengladbach 2-1. Only having to meet Schalke 04 is the chance, the strikers can completely make things happen. However, playing attacking makes the ability to keep a clean sheet even less appreciated.

Asian Bet – Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction

As Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction experts, Mainz 05 is the team that is considered to be slightly better than Schalke 04 in this match through the handicap of 0.25. The fact also shows that this will be a not easy match for the home team when the visitors are also showing great progress.

Mainz 05 has been playing a lot more closely recently when the stability of the defense, the ability of the attack on the attacker to help them come back extremely strong. A real threat to Schalke 04 especially when the home team is still extremely misleading and disoriented.

Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 Prediction

In addition, the ability to take advantage of Schalke 04 is also very bad with only 1 victory won at his Veltin Arena home field this season. As for Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction experts, the number is not convincing and will be an opportunity for Mainz 05 to continue to improve their bad away form.

Confidence and human dominance will be the basis for Mainz 05 to play without being too passive against Schalke 04 and it is likely that there will be a positive result coming.

  • Choose Schalke 04 +0.25 HT
  • Choose Mainz 05 -0.25 FT

Over/Under Bet – Schalke 04 vs FSV Mainz 05 prediction

The European handicap is a small advantage for the visitors when Mainz 05’s odds is 2.19 while Schalke 04’s odds is 3.50. It will be a match with a relative tug of war when both teams are willing to play fair against each other to find result in their favor. And with certain advantages, Mainz 05 is likely to be the name that will have the ultimate joy.

  • Choose Tie HT
  • Choose Mainz 05 FT