Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction |2020/08/14| K-League

The reviews to the football Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park prediction in K-League Classic about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction


  • Match date: 10:30 am on Friday 14th August 2020
  • Event: K-League Classic
  • Stage: Matchday 16th


Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction recommendation:

H1 Prediction: 

  • The 16th round of the Korean National Championship, Busan I Park will have a trip to Seongnam’s field.
  • A 2-0 win over the bottom team Inchoen United helped Seongnam escape the red light area and join the Championship Round group. With 17 points obtained, Seongnam is currently ranked 6th on the chart. Things are gradually turning positive for Seongnam as their next opponent is just a Busan I Park floating in the second half of the tournament. With the home advantage, Seongnam is expected to win all 3 points against the opponent like they did last season.
  • Meanwhile, Busan I Park is playing extremely pretending. The 0-2 defeat to Sangju Sangmu in the previous round showed the deadlock in the play of the visitors. With only 15 points gained after 15 rounds, Busan I Park fell to 9th on the chart. The competitive spirit of Busan I Park increasingly weary makes their trip this time not set too many expectations.
  • 1st half handicap is fixed by the house like a ball with 1.8 and 1.95 ratios for owner and visitors. In the first leg, Busan I Park struggled to retain 1 point at home after letting Seongnam lead in the first half. And in this reunion, it is likely that Busan I Park will continue to encounter waves. certain winds when subjected to away the pressure. However, Seongnam is not a good team in imposing posture. At the same time, the home team’s attackers are not showing efficiency with only 12 goals. Therefore, it is highly likely that the first half will end without any goals scored.

The best  Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction:   

  • First half result: Seongnam 0-0 Busan I Park
  • Asian handicap in the first half: Seongnam -0
  • O/U Odds of the first half: Under
  • European handicap in the first half: DRAW HT

H2 Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction

  • Seongnam’s playing state is being shown relatively well when they won the last 3/5 matches. This achievement comes from the stability of the defense when they only conceded 2 goals / last 5 matches. Meanwhile, the attacker plays at the shoulder level with the last 5 goals / 5 matches. Their home field performance is only average with the last 2 wins / 5 matches.
  • Busan I Park is showing extremely bad performances as they have just suffered their 4th consecutive loss. The reason comes from the inability of the attackers to have only 2 goals / last 5 matches. Meanwhile, the defense plays like a dream when he conceded 12 goals in the last 5 matches. Their away form is at a good level with the last 3 wins / 5 matches.
  • The whole match handicap is fixed by the house as a ball with a ratio of 1.81 and 2.02 for the owner and the visitors. Busan I Park brought Seongnam’s field a ragged and ragged formation as he suffered painful defeats repeatedly. Difficulties accumulate with the customers when their attackers are seriously lacking in scoring ideas. Meanwhile, Seongnam’s well-organized defense will help them stand in front of the weak lanes of Busan I Park. At the same time, although the attack is not really sharp, the neglect of the Busan I Park defense system may open up opportunities for the home team strikers. Therefore, it is likely that Seongnam will punish Busan I Park’s defense with the only goal of the match.

Best   Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park Prediction:   

  • Odds of the second half, Full time: Seongnam 1-0 Busan I Park
  • Asian handicap second half, Full time: Seongnam -0
  • O/U the second half, Full time: Under
  • European odds second half, Full time: Seongnam FT

Lineup expected Seongnam FC vs Busan I Park

Seongnam FC: Dong-Jin, Dong Jun, Ji-Min, Jung-Hyon, Taemin, Chaimin, Lima, Park Tae, Sang Yun, Mathias Coureus, Jaja.

Busan I Park Choi Pil Soo, Yun Suk-Young, Kang Min Soo, Kim Dong Woo, Hyeok Kyu Kwon, Kim Byung Oh, Kim Jin Gyu, Lee Gyu Sung, Lee Dong Jun, Kim Moon Hwan, Gustavo Vintecinco.