Servette vs Luzern prediction on July 8th, 2020

Servette vs Luzern prediction on July 8th,2020. In round 29 of the Swiss National Park, Servette welcomed Luzern at home. The two teams have 41 points and are competing for 4th place with the European Cup qualification. Victory against a direct opponent will be a turning point when the season is in a sprint stage.

Servette vs Luzern prediction

Servette’s last matches

Luzern’s last matches


Servette vs Luzern prediction

Servette failed to compete in recent rounds and was in danger of losing 4th place. The last 6 matches were unknown and won with 9 goals, unsafe play, and defense problems.

As an attacking team, the attack is stable with 43 goals from the beginning of the season. However, the status of the craftsman is getting worse 1 day. Reception is excited, the possibility that they will continue to pay for their mistakes is not low.

Luzern has an open play in recent rounds and has achieved favorable results. The last 3 matches brought 7 points, the shooters fired regularly 7 times. The attack is extremely effective, not surprising if Luzern is ready to play an attack in the upcoming match.

However, having to be a guest is a big challenge for the defense, this season they conceded more than 1 goal in each operation. However, facing a favorable opportunity, it is entirely possible to hope in a jubilant battle of Luzern.

Servette vs Luzern prediction, O/U bet

Servette vs Luzern prediction

Both teams want to win, the open match and adventurous play are understandable. What they have shown in the last stage promises a match of many goals. The odds of O/U are 2.75, Servette vs Luzern prediction experts appreciated the selection of Over.

Servette vs Luzern prediction, Asian bet

The last 6 confrontations are quite balanced, each team has 2 victories, draw 2 matches, no team dominates. The recent rise, as well as Luzern’s performance, proved convincing. This is the basis for them confident enough to win the upcoming trip.

Servette’s recent form is very poor, they have just gone through 6 games without winning in a row, including 5 matches. While the away team is rising strongly with 3 victories in the last 6 rounds, losing only 1 match. Obviously the spirit of the 2 teams is in opposite directions.

Servette showed signs of leveling off at home, the last 2 matches they were held before the 7th ranked team Lugano. With the odds at -0.25, it is hard to believe in the ability to win the home team with such a performance. Luzern’s performance flourishes hard to miss the opportunity to win all 3 points. As the Servette vs Luzern prediction, choose Luzern +0.25 in Asian bet.

European bet

Servette vs Luzern prediction

European odds mean that the house appreciates the away team on this match. Effective gameplay and stable performance, this option is very reliable. According to the Servette vs Luzern prediction, the chance for Servette to win is not high when looking at their poor performance and problems in defense.

  • Choose Luzern (Full Time)

Servette vs Luzern prediction HT

Although playing at the home field, but with current problems, Servette certainly faces many difficulties. Luzern’s attack is very exciting in contrast to the worse defensive ability of the homeowners. The probability of the first half ending with a favorable outcome for the away team is very high.

  • Choose Luzern +0.

Expected line-up

  • Servette: Fickentscher, Maceiras, Kouassi, Andre, Morgado, Abep, Grgic, Toma, Kasami, Lenjani, Uldrikis.
  • Luzern: Zibung, Kakabadze, Lucao, Schulz, Sidler, Voca, Schneuwly, Custodio, Demhasaj, Eleke, Vargas.