Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds Prediction |J.League| 09/23

Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds is a confrontation that will take place at 10:30 am on September 23. This is a match in the 18th round of the J.League – Japanese national championship. Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds prediction will provide in-depth suggestions, analyze the performance of the two teams before the match so that you can choose the standard team for yourself.

Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds Prediction


  • Match date: 10:30 am on Wednesday 23rd September 2020
  • Event: J.League
  • Stage: Matchday 18th
  • Location: IAI Stadium Nihondaira






  • Shimizu S-Pulse just got a rare victory in the last match after going through 7 consecutive rounds, although the opponent they just defeated was only Shonan Bellmare, the team only got 9 points after 16 matches and is ranked at the bottom of the table. Currently, the achievements of coach Cklamovski and his students are extremely bad when they only get 12 points after 3 wins, 3 draws and 12 losses, even the team that has received the most defeat in the season this year. 
  • At the League Cup front, Shimizu S-Pulse also stopped early when losing to Kashima Antlers, the team is considered to be better than them in terms of level and strength.


  • Urawa Red Diamonds players are showing their best when their recent form and performance are quite good. The evidence is that in the last 4 consecutive matches they have won 2, drew 1 and lost only 1, in which the only failure is not too bad when the opponent is Cerezo Osaka, the team is ranked second on the chart at this time. 
  • Currently, the Saitama Stadium team has a good record when they have 27 points after 8 wins, 3 draws and 5 losses, so remember they are just behind the 3rd ranked team, FC. Tokyo was exactly 5 points but played less than 2 matches. One of the best matches of Urawa Red Diamonds in recent times was a 3-1 victory over Gamba Osaka.



  • It is very difficult for the home team to surprise in this confrontation if you look at what they have up to now compared to the opponent. Statistics on head-to-head achievements in the past, Urawa Red Diamonds is also completely overwhelmed when they are unbeaten in the last 10 encounters with 7 wins and 3 draws. In addition, Shimizu S-Pulse is having a bad home record when the last 5 matches are empty, so it is difficult to avoid further defeat.
  • Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds prediction: Urawa Red Diamonds -1/4


  • The attack line of Shimizu S-Pulse is not too bad as they have all opened fire in all 6 recent home games, even most of them are strong opponents. However, their big weakness is coming from the defense when 12 consecutive home games recently in all competitions, they all conceded, worth mentioning that these 10/11 matches all received 2 or more goals. Meanwhile, the defense of Urawa Red Diamonds is also not appreciated when in only the last 3 matches they have received 8 goals.
  • Select: Over 3.1/4

Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds prediction:

  • Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds: 1 – 3 (H1: 0 – 2)
Shimizu S-Pulse vs Urawa Red Diamonds Prediction


  • Currently, Urawa Red Diamonds is 16 points ahead of this opponent and has played 2 matches less and their performance is also much more stable than the rare victory of Shimizu S-Pulse against the bottom team in the previous round. The previous 7 consecutive games have lost. The away team is also receiving a higher level of confidence with a 56% odds win rate, while the home team’s odds of winning so far are only 27%. Therefore, choosing the above bet is much more reliable.
  • Select: Urawa Red Diamonds FT


  • Shimizu S-Pulse: Yuji Kajikawa, Shinnosuke Hatanaka, Ken Matsubara, Thiago Martins Bueno, Ryo Takano, Kida Takuya, Kota Mizunuma, Takahiro Ogihara, Teruhito Nakagawa, Erik Nascimento de Lima, Ado Onaiu 
  • Urawa Red Diamonds: Jakub Slowik, Para, Mate Junior Simao, Anderson Ferreira da Silva, Kim Jung Ya, Keiya Shiihashi, Hamasaki Takuma, Takahiro Yanagi, Takayoshi Ishihara, Alexandre Xavier Pereira Guedes, Shun Nagasawa, Germain Ryo