Slavia Praha vs Rangers Prediction – UEFA Europa League – 03/11/2021

Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction on March 11, 2021. The surprising surprise is that the two teams have never met before since the statistics. And the first time the two teams meet will be an interesting confrontation of two mid-range European football backgrounds. Slavia Prague is a force in the Czech Republic, while Rangers is a leading candidate for the championship in Scotland.

Slavia Praha Overview

Slavia Praha vs Rangers Prediction

In the previous 5 opening matches, the home team Slavia Praha helped players win the 3rd match. In addition, in the remaining 2 matches, they both lost the entire amount. The coming match is just the first time that Slavia Prague vs Rangers has met. However, it is not difficult to realize that Rangers are judged by experts to have a higher win rate.

Slavia Prague is having a good scoring record at the continental playground. In the last 8 matches in the Europa League, the home team has had 13 goals, equivalent to 1.63 goals/game. On the defensive front, the number of goals they have to admit is 10.

Rangers Overview

Slavia Praha vs Rangers Prediction

Rangers are also in very impressive form. 3-0 win over St. Mirren and Celtic’s stumbling feet helped teachers and teachers Steven Gerrard get their first national championship in 10 years. In the Europa League, they also excelled over Antwerp with a total of 9-5.

Rangers are helping investors to own up to an 80% win rate. Specifically, they won 4 and only lost 1 time in the last 5 money downtimes. Slavia Prague has also proved brave in this arena when it overcame Leicester City.

Rangers also have an impressive attack in the Europa League. Specifically, they have scored up to 33 goals after 11 games played in this arena, equivalent to 3 goals/game. In addition, the number of goals lost to the visitors’ team is 13.

Asian Bet – Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction

The two teams are pretty evenly matched on the board on the bookmaker. With home advantage, Slavia Praha was promoted to the top with the handicap of the away team Rangers 0.25 left. With this handicap, the player underneath will eat half the money when the two teams finish the first leg with a draw. And the possibility of a draw is high but also quite risky when the two teams are really balanced. If you compare it, it means comparing the two football matches, not a mere comparison between the two clubs.

Slavia Praha vs Rangers Prediction

Both teams’ current domestic performance is quite good. The matches are unbeaten in a row and both are leading the rankings at home. While in the Europa League, Slavia Praha eliminated a very strong team, Leicester of the Premier League. Whereas Rangers took out Antwerp quite nicely. The two teams are quite balanced, so choose the Underdog.

Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction: Choose Rangers

European Bet – Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction

The odds of the two teams are quite equal, obviously the house is also wondering about the defense team will win this match. With home advantage, Prague is a bit more appreciated. However, the home field does not have an audience, so this advantage is also affected a lot. This match is likely to be a drawn match.

Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction: Choose Draw

Over/Under Bet – Slavia Praha vs Rangers prediction

The match will be quite intense but promises to be attractive. Both teams come from mid-range football backgrounds. They definitely want to show their best in Europe. Especially Slavia Praha, they will not want the visitors to leave without having any advantage. The attackers in the domestic league of both teams are doing very well.

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