Spain vs Greece Prediction – World Cup Qualifiers – 3/26/2021

Spain vs Greece prediction on March 26, 2021. A total of 50 clubs will compete in the European regional World Cup in 2022 and are divided into 10 groups. To get a ticket to Qatar is indeed not a simple matter and in the past, there were many very strong names that could not pass the group stage. In Group B in the first match, the Spanish team will be kicked at home to welcome Greece.

Spain Overview

Spain vs Greece Prediction

Spain has always been a formidable name not only for Europe but also world football with many stars playing in Laliga and top national championships. In the Nation League, coach Enrique gave his team a 4-2-3-1 strategy. The name that is being placed a lot of faith and kicks in the highest position is Juventus striker Morata, but this midfielder has a very unstable form.

That is why the names playing support behind will directly perform the table-making task. In the match against world champion Germany 2014, the Spanish attack thanks a lot to the shine of Ferran Torres when the young Manchester City striker had an impressive Hattrick. In attack, there is an extremely remarkable name that is Oyarzabal and this striker is currently in the top-scoring team in Laliga. The defense is still under command with Sergio Ramos’s long battle experience.

Greece Overview

Spain vs Greece Prediction

On the other side, the Greece national team does not have any prominent names playing abroad, most of the players of this team come from the Olympiacos club, so the gameplay is somewhat inconsistent. In the last 5 matches and most of the Nation League, the visitors’ attack has a total of 6 goals divided equally into 3 matches and the remaining two games have no goals.

The opponents that Greece encountered were not that strong, so the truth is, it doesn’t say much. As for the defense, because they have not met the opponent to play a beautiful attack, the net is still firmly maintained, the Greece goalkeeper only had 1 time to get into the net to pick up the ball.

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The opening match is so important that Coach Enrique will call back to the strongest squad so that he won’t be at a disadvantage in group stage matches. Greece has repeatedly lost to Spain, and in the upcoming match, they will have a long trip to the opponent’s field, so it will be difficult to create the first surprise in the 2022 World Cup qualifying campaign.

Spain vs Greece prediction: Choose Spain

European Bet

Spain vs Greece Prediction

Spain has gone through a period of crisis, so it will be a very remarkable name if it is present in the final round of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Group B qualifying is not appreciated so the home team, as judged by experts, will easily take the No. 1 position.

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Over/Under Bet – Spain vs Greece prediction

According to Spain vs Greece prediction expert’s statistics, the recent matches of the Spanish team are one of the familiar choices of the player who fainted. Specifically, players have passed out 5 times to win bets, while only 1 time lost money in the last 6 matches of the team. Along with that, the matches of Greece are also an option that is interested in players. Because bet, player bet on Under 4 times won money in the last 5 matches of the team.

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