St.Gallen vs Luzern Prediction |16/07/2020| SWISS SUPER LEAGUE

The reviews to the football St.Gallen vs Luzern prediction in the SWISS RAIFFEISEN SUPER LEAGUE about the stats of the past matches, the 2 competing teams’ form, and recent matches of the teams, table standings ranking, H2H & goal stats and match possible match outcome.

The prediction shall all be considered to place an ideal bet on this battle.

St.Gallen vs Luzern  Prediction


  • Match date: 6:30 pm on Thursday 16th July 2020
  • Event: Super League
  • Stage: Matchday 31st
  • Location: AFG-Arena


St.Gallen vs Luzern  Prediction


St.Gallen vs Luzern  Prediction recommendation:

2 regrettable draws in 2 consecutive rounds are making the gap between Gallen and the team chasing Young Boys only one draw. Coming home to a Luzern who is in the top 4 positions will be the next challenge that Gallen needs to overcome if he does not want to make himself difficult during the sprint this season. 

Asian Handicap Half St.Gallen vs Luzern Prediction 

  • With the advantage of the home yard and its class, St.Gallen is the team that is more appreciated than Luzern in this match through the handicap of 0.75. Obviously, the visitors are still under a lot of pressure in the goal of protecting the ticket for the European Cup this season and playing relatively poorly in the last two matches will be an opportunity for the home team Gallen. can take advantage and continue to have more points for themselves on the road to becoming a new king. Luzern will still need to make a lot of effort to improve the game for the rest of the season if he wants to overcome his fate when the defense is a bit miserable while the attacking goods are relatively frivolous. Too many disadvantages for this team.
  • One advantage for Gallen is that when the army of coach Peter Zeidler still has the factors that can create big mutations along with their flexibility in the way they play. In addition, Gallen’s home record is also very impressive with 9 victories won in 12 matches played at AFG Arena last time. The number is enough to make Bournemouth have to be really shy, especially when the visitors have had to receive 6 defeats in 12 trips away from home before. The advantage of the pitch, personnel, and comfort in the spirit of competition will be the basis for Gallen to be able to actively play against Luzern and will likely retain 3 points for himself.

St.Gallen vs Luzern prediction for this match is: 

  • St.Gallen -0.25 HT
  • St.Gallen -0.75 FT
  St. Gallen vs Luzern Match tip
  St.Gallen vs Luzern Match tip

O/U St.Gallen vs Luzern Prediction 

  • Gallen unexpectedly lost points in 2 matches where their confidence was the highest. Showing a relatively short-lived face at this time when the series of 2 consecutive rounds could only draw and only won 2 points, now the distance to compete for the championship between them and Young Boys is just a draw. The need to rediscover a steady form and revive the players’ morale is the most urgent task or Peter Zeidler’s army will become a loser in the two-horse race at This is when Young Boys showed a strong comeback. Everything is still within reach and certainly, Peter Zeidler’s team will still need to keep comfort in the remaining games.
  • Meanwhile, with Luzern, the visitors are still showing an unstable face at this time when the series of two consecutive rounds of tie and loss is making the opportunity to close the top 4 are quite far away and the Retaining the ticket to the Europa League is also a practical task that coach Thomas Haberli’s army needs to protect against the teams below when the distance is only 7 points and the season still has 6 rounds. There are 42 points in possession after 30 games played and Luzern is ranked 5th in the rankings. Having to march to the AFG Arena of a Gallen with a remarkable edge in the next round will still be a big challenge for the guests. It will be a competition with the game where the home team is overwhelming and the ability to explode is quite high.

The best St.Gallen vs Luzern Prediction: UNDER 2.25 (Full Time)

  • OVER 1.25 HT
  • OVER 3.25 FT

Predict the match score

Luzern should have known sorrow during his encounter with Gallen in the first leg. However, at the present time is different, the position of both teams has changed and played at home will be a better opportunity for the home team to repay the debt they have borrowed. There is more confidence in this rematch while the advantage is still in their hands. Luzern is showing too much weakness along with that of competitive play and the best use of what he has, St.Gallen could definitely head to the next 3 points for them.

Predict the match score

  • HT St.Gallen 2-0 Luzern
  • FT St.Gallen 3-1 Luzern