Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang Prediction | CSL | 09/16

Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang is a confrontation that will take place at 12:00 pm on September 16 – Difficult to create surprises. This is a match in the 11th round of the CSL – Chinese Super League. Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang prediction will provide in-depth suggestions, analyze the two teams’ performance before the match so that you can choose the best team for yourself.

Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang Prediction


  • Match date: 12:00 pm on Wednesday 16th September 2020
  • Event: Chinese Super League
  • Stage: Matchday 11th
  • Location: Suzhou Olympic Sports Centre Stadium






  • Tianjin Teda is considered to be the repository for this season when they currently have only 1 point after 1 draw and 8 loss, in which the only opponent they have is Lifan Chongqing in round 2 with a 2-2 draw. The weakness of coach Wang Baoshan and his students is also reflected in the fact that they only scored 7 goals but received 25 goals. 
  • In addition to the only draw, the best match for Tianjin Teda was the 0-2 loss to defending runner-up Beijing Guoan in the last round, a match in which they created a stance. Good and many times make it difficult for this opponent, even though it cannot get good results.


  • Shijiazhuang is showing great progress recently, as evidenced by the fact that they are unbeaten in the last 3 consecutive matches with 2 wins and 1 draw, worth mentioning that that draw was against the defending runner-up, Beijing Guoan 2-2, a match in which they played fair against a very strong opponent and was appreciated. 
  • After 9 matches, the rookie lost just 2 games to Lifan Chongqing and Wuhan Zall, drawing 4 and winning 3, an achievement that is arguably not bad for a newcomer to the promotion this season. Even if they win this match with a difference of more than 2 goals, they will climb to 6th place and only 1 point behind the 5th ranked team, Shandong Luneng.



  • The difficulty is inevitable for Tianjin Teda players in this confrontation when their current performance and achievements are completely inferior to this opponent, namely 12 points behind 10 matches, in which even more than 1 match. In addition, in the first leg more than a month ago, Shijiazhuang had a devastating victory over this opponent with a 3-goal gap. Therefore, 3 points are not too difficult for rookie Shijiazhuang.
  • Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang prediction: Shijiazhuang -1/2


  • Currently, Tianjin Teda is the team that has received the most goals with a total of 25 goals in 10 matches, in which there has not been even a match where they have received less than 2 goals. Meanwhile, the defense did not play too badly when they had 7 goals, including an opened fire in 3/4 recent matches. Meanwhile, despite having a good record, Shijiazhuang’s defense is not appreciated when, on average, one game they receive more than 1 goal (11 goals after 9 games). So, choosing Over is reasonable.
  • Select: Over 2.3/4

Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang prediction:

  • Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang: 1 – 2 (H1: 0 – 1)
Tianjin Teda vs Shijiazhuang Prediction


  • With the recent impressive performance and achievements, Shijiazhuang won the match in the last 4/5 matches, including 3 consecutive matches recently. Meanwhile, Tianjin Teda has not once won in this year’s tournament when it drew 1 and lost 9. In addition, scoring 1 point after 10 rounds is too clear for the overall weakness of coach Wang Baoshan and his students before this point, it is difficult for rookie Shijiazhuang to miss the opportunity to spend all 3 points.
  • Select: Shijiazhuang FT


  • Tianjin Teda: Teng Shangkun, Liu Yang, Felix Bastians, Qiu Tianyi, Yumiao Qian, Song Yue, Zhao Honglue, Guo Hao, Sandro Cesar Cordovil de Lima, Liu Ruofan, Frank Acheampong
  • Shijiazhuang: Shao Puliang, Stophira Sunzu, Cao Xuan, Zheng Zhiyun, Liao Chengjian, Wang Zihao, Romulo, Jiyu Zhong, Matheus Leite Nascimento, Pu Shihao, Oscar Taty Maritu