Torino vs Sassuolo Prediction – Serie A – 03/17

Torino vs Sassuolo prediction on March 17, 2021. Torino returned to his home field to welcome Sassuolo within the 27th round of the Italian league. Despite taking advantage of the field, but predicting this will be a real challenge for coaches and coaches Davide Nicola.

Torino Overview

Torino vs Sassuolo Prediction

Torino still has good players like A. Belotti, S. Zara in the squad, but this season, they have an extremely bad first leg. Even at this point, the club’s performance is a bit flourishing, but it is difficult to appreciate this team. They are still in the situation of having to work through each round to compete for relegation. Torino has just lost the match 2-4 on the field of the team that stood at the bottom of the Crotone group in the previous round. In the last 6 matches in the Italian National Championship, this team only won 1, lost 1, and had 4 draws. The performance of the Turin team is very pathetic this season.

At the end of the 24th round, Torino had only 3 victories, but drew 11 and lost 10 matches. The home team has only 20 points, ranked 18th on the rankings, and belongs to the group “holding the red light” in danger of having to be relegated. They are expected to have many difficulties when receiving Sassuolo.

Sassuolo Overview

Torino vs Sassuolo Prediction

Sassuolo Calcio played impressively at the beginning of the season, and at one point, they even stepped into the top team. However, at the moment, Sassuolo is playing somewhat in decline. In the previous round, Sassuolo had a 3-2 victory over Hellas Verona. The away team’s performance is still much better than the home team.

Sassuolo, after 26 matches in Serie A, has now won 10 wins and 9 draws. The away team has 39 points and is 8th on the rankings. They even still have a chance to compete against TOP 6 to earn tickets to the European Cup. With outstanding form and strength, Sassuolo Calcio is expected to defeat Torino.

Asian Bet – Torino vs Sassuolo prediction

Sassuolo has always been a team that has created a surprise this season, teachers and coaches Roberto de Zerbi possesses an attacking style with the ability to put great pressure on his opponent’s quartet, which makes up for the fact that their defense is not playing really well and often loses to relatively confusing goals.

Torino vs Sassuolo Prediction

In general, the fact that Torino is also having problems with the smooth operation of tactics is also an advantage for Sassuolo. Statistics show that Torino can only get exactly 1 victory in 11 matches played at his home recently. As Torino vs Sassuolo prediction experts, the number is not convincing and will be another opportunity for Sassuolo to partly improve his downward form quite a lot.

  • Choose Sassuolo -0 HT
  • Choose Sassuolo -0 FT

European Bet

The European handicap is a small advantage for the away team when Sassuolo’s odds are 2.33 while Torino’s is 284. It will be willing to play fair matches with each other in search of results that are in their favor. And with certain advantages, Sassuolo is likely to still be the name to have the ultimate joy.

  • Choose Draw HT
  • Choose Sassuolo FT

Over/Under Bet – Torino vs Sassuolo prediction

It can be said that the 3 points won before Verona came at a relatively well-timed time when it helped Sassuolo somewhat reduce the pressure after his poor performance series and hold some hope. Returning to compete for a place in the top 6. 8 points difference is a number that is not too far away but also not small and only the certainty in the remaining matches can help Sassuolo made a perfect breakthrough.

The 2-point gap from the safety group is the advantage of playing less than 2 matches that will help Torino open up away and they will certainly need to really focus on the upcoming match against Sassuolo. As Torino vs Sassuolo prediction experts, a match with a certain tension and drama, however, the possibility of many goals appearing will still bring many doubts.

  • Choose Under 1 HT
  • Choose Under 2.75 FT