Tottenham Vs Arsenal Result – Tottenham Went Against The Stream

Tottenham vs Arsenal result: Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal. Although Arsenal has to play on the opponent’s yard with the city of Tottenham, Arsenal plays better, creating more dangerous opportunities. However, the problem ends when there is only one net hit on the opponent’s net. More painful, Arsenal also had to pay for that weakness by getting back two goals.

Goals scored: Son Heung-Min (19); Alderweireld (81) – Lacazette (16)

Before the matches

Tottenham Vs Arsenal Result

After 34 rounds, Tottenham got 49 points and ranked 9th, right behind Arsenal with 1 point less than the neighboring team. Both are just less than the lowest position in the group to attend the Europa League next season (6th) the gap is less than 1 win.

Tottenham of course wants to have 3 points in its entirety. Being kicked at home in a landmark match like this is obviously a great advantage that Jose Mourinho’s team needs to grasp. Tottenham is also in good form at the hideout: 3 consecutive games unbeaten in the Premier League arena.

History also supports Tottenham in the Tottenham vs Arsenal result: won 2 and drew 2 in the last 4 welcoming Arsenal. And 2 wins, Spurs kept clean sheets. The reason for winning and preserving the net is very important because Tottenham is now much more fragile than last season.

Having owned the third most solid defense in the Premier League 2018/19, Spurs have dropped that strong point after many incidents this season and are currently ranked 7th in the league in terms of goals conceded (44).

The two teams’ squad

Arsenal also has the same belief in defense as Tottenham. Suddenly keeping clean sheets 3/4 of the last match in the Premier League is considered “unbelievable achievement” with the Gunners. Because Arsenal was “famous” for the possibility of making mistakes in defense, culminating in the defender David Luiz “giving” to Man City 2 goals.

The better defense is the motivation for both Tottenham and Arsenal to achieve positive results over time. If Tottenham has lost only 1/6 of the recent Premier League match (win 2), then Arsenal is even more respectable: won 3 and drew 1 after the last 4 appearances.

Especially at Arsenal, Arteta has gradually spread his stubborn personality to the team. Never giving up, never giving up the qualities that helped Arteta from just winning the first 1/7 matches that led Arsenal in the Premier League to the current stable stage.

Compared to the last Tottenham vs Arsenal result (draw 1-1), Coach Arteta only adjusted a single position in the starting list when Nicolas Pepe replaced Saka, the best young star of the team today thanks to the floating-style turned on from the beginning of the season 2019/20 (surpassed Pepe).

Meanwhile, on the opposite side, Jose Mourinho used Davinson rather than Vertonghen to play center back with Alderweireld. In addition, he continued to rotate two wing positions in attack when Son Heung Min and Lucas Moura were on the field after taking a break at Bournemouth draw a few days ago.

The match developments – Tottenham vs Arsenal result

Tottenham vs Arsenal result – First half

Tottenham Vs Arsenal Result

After 10 minutes, Lucas Moura won the ball after a poor cross and quickly poured the ball into the area 16m50. Harry Kane came under control and decided to throw the ball over Martinez’s head, but the move did not go well so the Arsenal goalkeeper caught the ball.

Shortly thereafter, Arsenal gave the answer by phase down the full speed of Bellerin. The Spanish defender made a pass but Aubameyang missed the point.

And then in the exciting game, the goal appeared. In the 16th minute, Aurier made a mistake in handling the ball on the home field and was “punished” by Xhaka with a steal. Then striker Lacazette has a very dangerous shot at a distance of nearly 20m, defeating Hugo Lloris who flew all the way.

However, Arsenal’s advantage of leading the standing existed only very short. This time it was Kolasinac’s turn to play poorly, making a pass like no assist for Son Heung-min. The Korean striker showed off his speed to beat David Luiz, before finishing to finish Martinez.

The common point of these two goals is the contribution of the defense of two teams that have played quite well over time. After the Tottenham vs Arsenal result equalizer 1-1, the pace of the game was pushed higher. 30 minutes, Ben Davies suddenly shot a very tight left foot from a distance of more than 20 m. Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez was helpless but the last ball was bounced off the crossbar.

Arsenal immediately answered by the opportunity for Nicolas Pepe. The ball flew with good force and barely missed the goal of Hugo Lloris. At the end of the first half, the two sides threatened each other’s subjects. Several favorable dining opportunities were created but were not exploited successfully.

Tottenham vs Arsenal result  – Second half

Tottenham Vs Arsenal Result

In the 52nd minute, after Lo Celso’s long pass, Lucas Moura speeded past Bellerin to penetrate the 16m50 area and instead of making a pass in the habit, the Brazilian suddenly launched a shot, but Mustafi promptly intervened to relieve the goal.

59 minutes, receiving the ball from Lacazette, Aubameyang processed a few more spans in the area of ​​16m50 of Tottenham before swinging striker stretch. Lloris was helpless but unfortunately, the ball bounced off the edge of the crossbar.

By the 70th minute, Harry Kane wisely overcame Mustafi to invade the penalty area from the left and then pricked the nose of the shoe for Son Heung Min but Martinez rushed to quickly quell the intention of scoring goals of the Korean star.

In terms of dangerous opportunities, Arsenal was superior but they could not have a second smile in the match. In the 79th minute, after a Bellerin blocked shot, the ball found Aubameyang and the Gabon striker made a one-touch finishing move. The ball headed to the far corner, but Lloris saved the homeowners brilliantly.

And then Arsenal had to pay dearly when they did not make good use of the favorable scoring opportunities. In the 82nd minute, in a corner situation, Alderweireld did not own the height advantage but chose the exact point of the drop to make the first shake to put the ball into the net at a distance of just over 5m.

Not long after that, the Tottenham vs Arsenal result was nearly increased to 3-1 if Harry Kane was more difficult in the situation facing Martinez. In the few minutes remaining, Tottenham mastered the situation and preserved a fragile victory until the final whistle.