Tottenham vs LASK Prediction | C2 Cup | 10/22

Tottenham vs LASK prediction – Tottenham is playing confidently in the Premier League. That is creating more motivation for Rooster to enter the upcoming match with LASK. It won’t be easy for the guests to leave with scores. Just play properly, Tottenham will win all 3 points.

Tottenham vs LASK Prediction


  • Match date: 7:00 pm on Thursday 22nd October 2020
  • Event: UEFA Europa League
  • Stage: Matchday 1st
  • Location: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium




  • Up to the recent 5-match form, Tottenham is delivering stable results. Specifically, the number of victories that Tottenham earned is 4, accounting for 80%. Notably, 1 is the number of draws they have to receive. So Tottenham does not lose a game.
  • Also in the last 5 matches, LASK was in a bad play. LASK’s specific result is to get 3 wins. But the other 2 games are draw and lose. Recently LASK lost 0-3 to Rapid Vienna.
  • The Asian handicap set by the dealer for the next match is 0: 1 1/4. The home team Tottenham is more appreciated than the opponent, accepting LASK 1.25 goals. Players bet Tottenham money when the home team has a 2-goal victory in the next match. Tottenham’s win odds is 1.89. For LASK, this number is 1.94.

Tottenham vs LASK prediction: Select Tottenham


  • Considering the last 5 matches of Tottenham: 18 is the number of goals that this team scored. So the Tottenham attacker plays extremely impressive when they have 3.6 goals/game. In terms of defense, 6 is the number of goals that Tottenham has received. Over/Under odds is 3, 60% of the matches is Over.
  • Considering the last 5 LASK matches: LASK has an attack that is close to the opponent with 17 goals. The corresponding achievement performance is 3.4 goals/game. However, it should be noted that this team also lost 1.2 goals/game. Over/Under odds is 3, 60% of the matches is Over.
  • The odds of Over/Under for the upcoming match is 3. The player who bets on Under will get money when this confrontation has at most 2 goals. Over will win money at the rate of 1.99. On the contrary, Under is 1.8.

Tottenham vs LASK prediction: Over 3.

Tottenham vs LASK Prediction


  • These two teams have never had a direct confrontation with each other. Entering the next match, Tottenham is highly appreciated when Rooster kicks at home. Therefore, Tottenham will easily win 3 points if the game is concentrated. Experts rate Tottenham vs LASK win rate is 56% – 19%.
  • The odds that the European house fixes for this match is 1.36, 5.0 and 7.0. The above three odds will correspond to the result of Tottenham’s win, loss and draw.
  • Select: Tottenham FT