Udinese Vs Genoa Prediction On July 5th, 2020

Udinese vs Genoa prediction on July 5th, 2020. Genoa is one of Udinese’s favorite opponents. In the last 7 meetings against Genoa, Udinese is unbeaten with 5 victories and 2 draws. The last encounter, Udinese beat Genoa with a score of 3-1 away. On the Serie A rankings now, Udinese is ranked 14th with 31 points, while Genoa has just won 26 points, ranked in 17th position. But despite the upcoming confrontation, they must play on Udinese’s field, Genoa still believes in the possibility of a point.

Udinese Vs Genoa Prediction

Udinese’s last matches

Genoa’s last matches


Udinese Vs Genoa Prediction

Udinese vs Genoa prediction

Despite great efforts, Udinese could not create a surprise against Atalanta in the last round at home and had to accept defeat with a score of 2-3, counting, they only lost 2/9 matches when played at the home, which won 3 matches.

It is worth mentioning that 2 times tasting the bitter before the strong opponent is Inter Milan or Atalanta. Obviously, fans have a basis for believing in a beneficial result for the favorite team at the upcoming Genoa reception.

For Genoa, the away team was easy to lose to their strong opponent, Juventus, with a score of 1-3 at the home field. However, they are showing discomfort when marching with a series of 5 consecutive unbeaten matches with 2 victories and 3 draws, among which there are also “hard” teams like AC Milan, Atalanta, or Fiorentina.

With this situation, Udinese vs Genoa prediction experts predicts that Genoa players are quite confident in the match away from home here.

Playing at home, experts are evaluating the possibility of winning slightly in favor of Udinese. Experts predict realize that this is not really reasonable when opponents Genoa is proved very uncomfortable with the defensive style of counter-attacking science when playing on a “strange field”, attack’s play is more effective.

Meanwhile, despite playing not so bad, Udinese still proved poor when playing at the home, the attack was quite deadlocked. Therefore, 1 draw is a very feasible result.

Udinese vs Genoa prediction, Asian bet

According to the Udinese vs Genoa prediction, Udinese’s performance in recent times at home has not been stable. Specifically, with the last 5 matches at home, Udinese has lost 2 matches. In contrast, the results this team owns are 1 victory and 2 draws.

On their home field this season, Udinese have played a total of 14 matches. Remarkably, the number of Udinese losses is stopped at 5. In contrast, they win 5, draw 4, earning a total of 19 points. On average, they have 1.36 points per game.

On the other side of the front line, 15 are Genoa’s away matches this season. The number of victories Genoa earned was 2 and lost 6 times. The number of points Genoa has on away field is 13/45 maximum points. Most recently, they drew host Brescia 2-2.

The Asian bookmaker gives the odds for the next match is 0: 1/4. The Udinese home team are favorites and accept Genoa 0.25 goals. Players bet on Udinese money when the home team wins in the next match. Udinese’s odds are 2.08, Genoa’s 1.8.

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Udinese vs Genoa prediction, O/U bet

Udinese Vs Genoa Prediction

Udinese’s defense is playing well at home this season as the Udinese vs Genoa prediction. After 14 matches played, their goals are stopped at 15. On average, Udinese loses 1.07 goals on average. Meanwhile, the performance of Udinese players is 0.86 goals/game.

Considering the O/U odds 2.25 that the house makes, the matches that take place on Udinese’s home field usually give Under. The rate of Under win is 62%. In the opposite direction, Under in Genoa matches makes customers 20%.

Genoa is not a stable number of away goals. Specifically, this number is stopping at 19 goals. This result indicates an average of 1.27 goals in Genoa’s away match.

The dealer sets the O/U odds for the upcoming match at 2.25. Players bet on Over will win if two teams score 3 or more goals. The rate of winning money of Over is 1.84, Under 2.0.

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