Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC Prediction – K-League – 08/04

Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC prediction on August 04, 2021. Ulsan Hyundai FC vs Daegu FC will have a meeting within the framework of round 22 of the K-League. Highly appreciated for its attacking ability as well as the forward frame, Daegu FC is showing a certain superiority compared to last season.

Ulsan Hyundai Overview

Ulsan Hyundai FC is still trying to find their original form after being unable to win in the last 2 consecutive rounds, making their top position in danger. After 21 rounds, the home team only got 10 wins, 8 draws, and 3 losses. 

Getting themselves 38 points helps them to be at the top of the rankings, but currently, only 5 points ahead of the 2nd ranked team but played 3 more matches. In the next match, although the opponent is quite strong, with the home-field advantage, victory will be the goal of the host towards this time.

Daegu FC Overview

Daegu has not played in the Korean league since early June when the team had to fight in the AFC Champions League. This team has only played 19 matches but has gained 33 points to help them temporarily stand in 4th place on the rankings. 

Being 5 points behind the host, but playing less than 2 matches, the opportunity to get to the top of the table is within the reach of the visitors. Recently, they have not played for a long time, making their performance not reach the highest level, while they have to march away from home in the next match, so it is difficult for the away team to get their points.


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Asian Bet – Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC prediction

Ulsan Hyundai FC is also hungry for a victory to return the opponent in the first leg, and this is also an important victory for them to preserve their throne. With Daegu FC, 3 points are necessary for them to secure the top 5 on the chart. 

This is considered a quite stressful match for both teams, having the scores close to each other makes the pressure relatively great especially when Daegu FC has a very young team of players. Only losing 1 out of 5 matches against each other shows that Ulsan Hyundai FC is fully capable as well as in good shape to get all 3 points in this match.

Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Ulsan Hyundai FC 0.5

European Bet

In the confrontation history, Ulsan Hyundai FC proved to be superior with 3 wins and 1 draw and only lost 1 match, and every time they play at home, they always do well and take all 3 points. Experts say that with the current performance, they believe that Ulsan Hyundai FC will have a good match and win in this confrontation.

Choose Ulsan Hyundai FC (FT)

Over/Under Bet – Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC prediction

Statistics show that the meetings of the two teams have 15 goals in the last 5 matches. The performance of 3 goals/match is an extremely impressive number. On the other hand, both are possessing extremely good offensive goods in recent times. This shows that Ulsan Hyundai and Daegu FC have a very open play when facing each other.

Ulsan Hyundai vs Daegu FC Prediction: Choose Over 2.5


Ulsan Hyundai:  Hyeon Woo, Chung Yong, Tae Hwan, Seung Hyeon, Dave Bulthuis, Alan Davidson, Bit-Garam, Jin Ho, Sang-Heon, In Sung, Junior Negao.

Daegu FC: Choi Young Eun, Jin Hyun, Tae Hyeon, Kim Woo Seok, Jeong Tae Wook, Jeong Woon, Soon Min, Tsubasa Nishimaki,  Cesinha, Dae Won, Bruno da Silva.